If demand mattered, the roads would get fixed!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Only a tiny group of citizens want bike lanes.  Tari Renner ran for office twice pledging to fix the roads.  He obviously isn’t as serious as the people with damaged vehicles are.

This is from 2015:  http://www.cityblm.org/government/departments/public-works/streets-sidewalks/street-resurfacing

The table shows how much money per year is required just to have TERRIBLE STREETS.  The link above also shows how much the City Council has spent on roads since 1994.

David Sage was elected in 2007.

Karen Schmidt was elected in 1999.

Mboka Mwilambwe was first appointed in 2011.  These long-timers didn’t notice the roads falling apart?  (The City Manager must have kept it a secret)

Democrat activist Mike Matejka was on the Council from 1989 until David Sage wiped him out.  Matejka, who voted for the Coliseum, must not have cared much about the streets – in 2000 ZERO was spent for resurfacing!

The government of Bloomington doesn’t care about essential services.  Citizens expect their tax dollars to be used for roads.  Instead, the Council raised the Motor Fuel Tax and only budgets that for roads.  They have plans for the other millions they steal:  lavish salaries, golden benefits, gold-plated retirements, free lunches and light dinners, and bike lanes (to name a few).

Alderman Amelia Buragus told a citizen her family won’t use the bike lanes because they are too dangerous.  She’s only voting for them as payback to Bike Blono.  Raise your hand if you actually believe Aldermen get elected to help their community?  Anyone?  Anyone?

I wonder who Normal is paying off:

Has anybody done a study on how many people use the bike trails that connect to I-55?  Has anybody calculated the cost per person to justify the expense?

Isn’t it immoral to take money from the majority to fund a tiny minority?

Isn’t that exactly what’s wrong with the country?  How is Bike Blono any different from lobbyists who buy politicians in exchange for political favors?  

Evidently political paybacks are only vile if they happen in DC.

To stop the Bike Blono nonsense on East Washington (at your expense), attend the Planning Commission vote on Wednesday.  (4:00 pm in the Council Chambers-obviously a convenient time!)

Here’s what they will decide: (click to enlarge)


Maybe Amelia will attend.  Ask her why it is so hard for politicians just to do the right thing.

See this link – starting on page 36: http://www.cityblm.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=13103 





5 thoughts on “If demand mattered, the roads would get fixed!

      1. The one that goes to Chenoa is over by Towanda Avenue on Route 66. The section of the trail they’re talking about in this article goes from north to south parallel to Linden Street. Since I live close to that and I go up 66 quite a bit towards Towanda and Lexington, I have seen just a handful of people on the trail


  1. I hope all of those families who signed the petition against the bike lanes on Washington Street show up and speak both at the Council meeting tomorrow as well as the Planning Commission. BTW, I believe Renner’s campaign manager is a Renner appointee to the planning commission.


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