Bike facts that don’t matter

Update:  The lady in the video reported Amelia stated her family won’t be using the bike lanes – too dangerous!  She is supporting the plan because Bike Blono wants it.


By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday I attended Renner’s Open House for the first time.  I don’t attend because I already know what answers are going to be given.  Renner treated the gathering is his campaign talking points over and over and over and . . .

The first citizen to speak attended because she is scared of gang activity across the street from her house.  (Crime is low?)  Of course Tari and David Hales said they would have the police get in touch with her. Saying any more right now might put her in more jeopardy, so I won’t.

I only went to this meeting because a few people reached out to me concerning the proposed bike lanes on E Washington.  David Hales told me after the meeting nobody at the City knew anybody objected to bike lanes.  (Evidently the City and most everybody else live in different universes)

The bike lane push has been here since at least 2012.  The McLean County Regional Planning Commission conducted a survey that few besides Bike Blono members knew about.  It showed great support!  All levels of government since have assumed most people want bike lanes, bike paths, and slower traffic.  See this story: 2012 MCRPC  The story recaps the MCRPC poll and my results to the same questions:  HERE

Obviously the results were predetermined to get the results they wanted.  The goal, just like Connect Transit, is to force everybody to use public transportation, bikes, or walk.  Spending money on roads is such a waste when grand plans need the money instead!  Besides, taxpayers have to be forced into the global warming/cooling/climate change agenda.

If the local roads weren’t deteriorating daily into paths fit only for horses and the City had lots of money to do Complete Street right – this is what it would look like:


Bikes, cars, and pedestrians are separated!

Tari’s version is much cheaper – and death waiting to happen:

One mother of 3 boys is opposed to painting lines on roads for safety reasons.  She doesn’t want her sons witnessing the fatalities that will most likely occur.  Bike Blono doesn’t like being challenged – see this story from yesterday:

I posted the entire conversation below.  The woman speaking is the owner of the house.  Her husband is blocking most of the camera view of her.  The video starts with her version of Bike Blono and their post, as well as some members who made vulgar comments in front of her house and children.

Renner and Michael Gorman of  Bike Blono pretended the picture of her house shouldn’t have been used.  Gorman is in the video behind the water bottle.  Not on video is after the open house ended.  Gorman shook her hand and said the picture would be taken down.  Evidently Gorman lied – the pic is still up on their Facebook page.  Bike Blono operates on intimidation – they picked the wrong lady however!

Alderman Amelia Buragus got in the conversation saying the lanes will be narrowed 6 feet to 11 feet wide to make room for a bike lane.  Note:  Michael Gorman was her campaign Treasurer.  The size of buses must not matter since the lady speaking saw the buses driving across the chalked bike lane.  Gorman stated the drivers will be trained properly.  Amelia admitted safely means forcing vehicles to drive slower.  Amelia also claimed it isn’t safe for kids walking to school.  Gee, whose fault is that?  Does any intersection have flashing school lights?  Crossing guards?  Large pedestrians crossings painted on the road?  Police present handing out tickets?  Bike lanes is a silly excuse Amelia!

Fast forward to 12:57.  Gary Lambert recounts a bike accident caused by a biker not following the rules of the road.  Bike Blono agreed that police should be ticketing bikers who run lights and stop signs.  He implied Bloomington isn’t interested, Gary’s comments verified that.  A citizens mentioned licensing bikes, another citizens mentioned Illinois now has a law saying bikes are vehicles.  That means they should be licensed.

If people are speeding on E Washington, who is at fault?

Maybe citizens don’t feel obeying laws is necessary.  Renner has been found guilty twice of violating the Open Meetings Act.  The penalty is just as severe as speeding on E. Washington.  None.

If Washington gets bike lanes, what do citizens get to force Renner’s compliance with the law?  A muzzle?

Gorman was recently appointed to the Regional Planning Commission by Renner where Amelia’s husband is also a member.  Gorman lives on Clinton where Amelia just got truck traffic banned.  Gorman works at IWU, the same place Renner works.  Amelia’s husband works for a contractor frequently hired by the City of Bloomington.  Gorman is treasurer for Bike Blono.  The cabal is fully formed!

Common sense safety must be demanded:

  • Monday night at Council
  • Tuesday the History Museum hearing
  • Wednesday at the Planning Commission meeting.

Were the hearings just for show?  Amelia claimed the plans could be revised based on citizen input.  She didn’t mention scrapping the plan.

If you oppose bike lanes, bring a digger to one of the meetings.  Amelia is in a hole she needs help digging out of.

Tari now looks like a fraud too since he decried the Bike Blono house pic.  Evidently BB doesn’t respect his opinions either, or he was just kidding.

Which is it Tari?



13 thoughts on “Bike facts that don’t matter

  1. What I see in this video is no one seems to be hearing the concerns–that Renner, Gorman and Amelia were simply arguing their points. It seems the decision to paint bike lanes has already been decided even before the next two input meetings. If Hales did not know there were people who are not in favor of this, there is a failure to communicate. The Assistant Manager was at the meeting at Washington School speaking with a group of people who were against having bike lanes on Washington. There is at least three people I know of who submitted response cards stating there position against the project.
    Check out Bike BloNo FB page to see Gorman’s stance regarding taking down the photo.

      1. Ditto. However, a large group of “naysayers” need to attend all of the future meetings to make an impression.

  2. I just drove down E. Grove–Saturday evening and very few parked cars. The road is plenty wide for two cars and two bike lanes. E.Grove from Kreitzer is not a bus route. I don’t know what those bike experts are talking about. Seems to me that E. Grove was originally chosen because it is the smart route to take.

  3. All step by step part of the master plan and bike blono people are actually questioning a preconceived communist agenda! Wow just wow said here very plainly

  4. Renners support of this project is political payback to Gorman and his lefty wing nut and LGBT goons to attack DIane, Ian Bayne, and Kevin Lower relentlessly on Facebook during the campaign and election. This group also includes Mel Haney and Shayna Watchinskii ( Marge Simpson), and that green piece of snot from the west side who stands up at public comment and rants incoherently. I framed a picture of Tari glowingly smiling down at them a. He stood next to their table at his post election party. Tari’s new slogan is ” Paybacks are a B***H! Get used to it!

  5. As automobile lanes are narrowed there will be less room to avoid another car that doesn’t stay on their side of the road. When that happens, most all vehicles will vere into the path of least resistance to avoid a crash. It’s natural instinct. That said we’ll hope that the bike lane is clear because otherwise a bicyclist believing in that false sense of security might get splattered.

  6. It seems Renner/Koos r more concerned about getting bikes on the roads than crime on the street! No wonder neither of them sees the drug deals in broad daylight !

    1. There is a municipal recognition award for being a “Bicycle Friendly City.” Normal and Champaign have met the requirements. The goal is to meet those requirements, apply for the certificate and pay whatever fee is involved. The theory is that the recognition will help draw millennials and economic development with another quality of life attraction. I’m not making this up.

    2. This mentality (transfer of wealth) is required to usher in the socilaist totalitarian government that the commies have planned. Enter Renner/Koos as willing idiots.

  7. Here is the link to the packet for the Public Hearing at the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday, June 14 at 4:00pm in City Council Chambers at City Hall.
    If what is in this packet doesn’t get you fired up to attend, forever hold your peace. The information for the amendment to the Bicycle Master Plan begins on page 36 (PDF)

  8. Tari and Gorman are sitting there thinking “here’s another ‘nay-sayer’ we have to pretend to listen to.” Anyone who disagrees with the leftist utopian vision is dumb, simple-minded, and “human garbage” who doesn’t deserve to have a voice.

    And because 6k people voted for Tari, in a city of 78k, he thinks he’s king with a mandate.

    Interesting Hales says he didn’t realize people objected to bike lanes…almost reminds me of Koos saying he was surprised the election was so close. More and more proof they’re not paying attention.

    But….it’s true. Elections have consequences. We get the govt we deserve.

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