Bike facts that don’t matter

Update:  The lady in the video reported Amelia stated her family won’t be using the bike lanes – too dangerous!  She is supporting the plan because Bike Blono wants it.   By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday I attended Renner’s Open House for the first time.  I don’t attend because I already know what answers are going […]

November Gun history in Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin . November was not a good month for idiots with guns in the City of Bloomington.  Congrats to the Bloomington Police for making two arrests in separate incidents. . Below is a list of incidents I compiled from various sources, I could have easily missed some.  The home invasion on 11/9 is […]

Not good to be higher than Decatur!

By:  Diane Benjamin From Reboot Illinois: Bloomington is rated as the 10th most dangerous city in Illinois! Statistics were compiled from FBI reports by Law Street Media.  Bloomington did do better than Springfield and Champaign.  See the complete list at the link above.  Chicago was not included because the FBI believes they under report […]

I thought Tari said Bloomington was LOW crime!

by:  Diane Benjamin Not so fast Tari.  Maybe you didn’t know about this report.  Or maybe you did and decided to pretend it didn’t exist.  Maybe you will explain. The below is from CBS Chicago in a report dated December 16, 2014 Not including Chicago, here are the 10 Illinois cities with the most violent […]

Fly on the Wall: Chicago Police in Bloomington

In the infinite wisdom of Bloomington government, 2 (TWO!) members of the Chicago Police are being considered for Bloomington Police Chief. Downstaters have long yearned to divide the state in 2 to rid Illinois of Chicago.  Actually, they can even keep the name.  But the local geniuses wants to import their corruption and progressive ways […]

MILLER: Bloomberg, Obama and liberal media muzzled about gun crime decline

Justice Department data shows massive decease in firearms homicides New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg has not made a peep about gun control since news came out that firearms-related deaths were way down. President Obama has ignored it and continued to pursue more gun-control laws. Their reaction shows how this news screws up their agenda to […]

City of Bloomington: Nothing to see here!

The Bloomington City Council wants citizens to believe everything is great,  so great, the City Manager just got a huge raise. Report from a citizen: We are losing some very good neighbors on our block.  They put their  house up for sale and have already moved out.   They showed me the gang activity in houses at […]

Vetting Tari Renner – Again

by:  Diane Benjamin Sheriff Mike Emery recorded a commercial for Tari Renner.  The Sheriff credits Renner’s time on the County Board with ending prisoner placement in other counties due to over crowding. I can only think of a few ways that could happen: Crime is down Arrests are down The arrested are released instead of […]

Report: In Virginia, more guns, less crime

As gun ownership has increased dramatically, gun-related violent crimes have gradually decreased over the past six years in the state of Virginia, according to a new analysis. From 2006 to 2011, the total number of guns purchased in Virginia increased 73 percent, while the total number of gun-related violent crimes decreased 24 percent over that […]