Fly on the Wall: Chicago Police in Bloomington

I know all - I see all
I know all – I see all
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In the infinite wisdom of Bloomington government, 2 (TWO!) members of the Chicago Police are being considered for Bloomington Police Chief.

Downstaters have long yearned to divide the state in 2 to rid Illinois of Chicago.  Actually, they can even keep the name.  But the local geniuses wants to import their corruption and progressive ways to fight crime.  Maybe if Chicago hadn’t closed their public housing and shipped their criminals downstate, we wouldn’t have a crime problem!

Look at the Chicago murder rate.  Off the charts ridiculous as the gangs have no problem with shoot-outs in the streets.  The police are doing a bang-up job of protecting the innocent.   Maybe they need a plan, other than confiscating guns of the law abiding.

The Chicago Police Department is anti-second amendment!  Their ilk is not welcome or wanted in Bloomington.  They have no clue how to manage crime in Chicago, so why does anybody believe they can mange it here!  The Chicago scum have already destroyed most of Illinois.  Keep them out of our police force.

3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Chicago Police in Bloomington

  1. To even consider a candidate from Chicago for our Chief of police of our city is a MAJOR insult to our intelligence! They have a proven record of “F” for failure on combating crime. They are left-wing minded Progressives (Communists) who will NOT change their agenda of allowing the honest American citizens the 2nd Amendment Constitutional right to be armed to defend their families and selves! Instead in their corrupt city of Chicago the thugs, gangbangers and criminals are the ones who ARE illegally armed to prey on innocent citizens. I use to think they were just stupid and would get a brain and understand BUT I have come to the conclusion that they know full well what they are doing because they want to destroy our cities and entire country by having Big Brother government to eventually have military control over all of US in the guise of “protect and provide”! These political gangsters are pure evil!!!

  2. The Chicago candidates are being heavily pushed by David Hales, Tod Greenberg, Barb Atkins, Karen Schmidt and Jen McDade.

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