Not good to be higher than Decatur!

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Reboot Illinois:

Bloomington is rated as the 10th most dangerous city in Illinois!

Statistics were compiled from FBI reports by Law Street Media.  Bloomington did do better than Springfield and Champaign.  See the complete list at the link above.  Chicago was not included because the FBI believes they under report their data.

The 25 most dangerous Illinois cities based on violent crime rates per 100,000 people.

10. Bloomington

  • Violent crime rate: 511.15
  • Population: 78,060
  • Murders: 2

11. Decatur

  • Violent crime rate: 466.82
  • Population: 75,190
  • Murders: 5

Has the Pantagraph reported the facts?  Maybe they didn’t have room between all the fluff.



5 thoughts on “Not good to be higher than Decatur!

  1. The downtown hotel and millennial amenities will solve the crime problem. Oh, and higher taxes.

  2. Decatur has been honest about their crime/gang/employment problems for decades. Bloomington-Normal is in a very carefully crafted, official state of denial, while the towns grow more dangerous and less viable by the day. SO glad I got out!

  3. Yesterday I was on Veteran’s Parkway going north and between Empire and Clearwater there were 5 Bloomington police cars and a single car pulled over. Was this like overkill or what. It didn’t look like they were arresting anyone or doing anything except talking to who was in the car. Talk about messing up traffic flow. You would have thought Air Force One landed on Veteran’s Pkwy.

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