Well, Well, Well

By:  Diane Benjamin

Remember yesterday’s story about Renner’s Budget Task Force?  https://blnnews.com/2015/07/08/bloomington-your-budget-task-force/

It turns out TWO (2) members don’t live in Bloomington!

Deanna Frautschi lives at 2802 Hendrix Dr Bloomington IL.  The address is Bloomington, but it isn’t inside the City limits!

This is the map of Ward 2:  http://www.cityblm.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=88  Look at the bottom right side for Hendrix.

This is the map of Ward 8:  http://www.cityblm.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=84  Look at the bottom left side for Hendrix.

Hendrix Drive is outside of both Wards.

Frautschi is also associated with the Pantagraph.  An on-line magazine is published on the Pantagraph.com website featuring Frautschi as a Writer, Photographer, and Naturalist.  The magazine uses many other Pantagraph employees for stories and photos.  Frautschi is also frequently written about in the Pantagraph as a “Community Leader”.  She is the consummate “insider”.  I wonder if she is going to increase the advertising budget to the Pantagraph?   Think the Pantagraph watchdogs (that don’t do any actually watching) will print glowing reports on this committee in September?   http://issuu.com/pantagraph/docs/ltd_june15_online/1   See page 3.

It gets better!

Committee member Allan Dodds lives in Champaign!  Thanks to the person who will remain nameless for doing some research.  Click on the picture to enlarge.


Your elected members of the Bloomington City Council have outsourced their responsibility (the BUDGET) to people who don’t even live in Bloomington!

Tari Renner has declared himself emperor and assigned people he chose to do the City’s business!  Your elected officials, minus Kevin Lower, let Renner get by with stealing their authority.

Is City Manger David Hales still getting paid?  For what?

Is the Council still receiving their meager salaries?  For what?  Only 3 are doing any work and probably the other members are telling them what to think.  Renner has made it clear the Council isn’t up to the job, so did he put 3 Council members on the Budget Task Force to make it look legitimate?

In September this group will report to the council and Renner will demand a vote on whatever they come up with.  Cuts will be almost non-existent and it WILL raise taxes.

Your City has been stolen by a narcissistic dictator.  Congrats!  (“But let’s all be nice to each other”  John Brandt)






10 thoughts on “Well, Well, Well

  1. Thanks for reporting what WJBC and the Pantagraph refuse to report. This confirms the Budget Tax Force has no credibility. Mayor Renner, David Hales, David Sage and Amelia S. Buragas need to be asked what “Did they know and when did they know it?”


  2. I love the quote at the end by John Brandt. “Let’s all be nice to each other” says the guy who put dozens of people out of work 4 years ago and still has never paid them the thousands of dollars in back pay that they are owed. There will be a line of people waiting to piss on that guy’s grave when he dies!


      1. He ran Brandt Truck Line and Brandtville center. He also owns probably 1/4 of the land in Bloomington. BTL shut down abruptly in March of 2011 and left a large number of people without their last couple paychecks and they were never paid. Couldn’t even file taxes on time because they wouldn’t send out W2’s. This guy and his minions have always been shysters.


      2. You’re not going to have to dig very deep here. This operation was heavily financed by Busey Bank (if it’s bad Busey’s got it) and was one of Rob Fazzini’s last botched efforts at Busey before his retirement in 2011. Brandt stands to gain a lot from the city of Bloomington which probably explains why he’s at just about every Council meeting as Mr. Nice Guy. I’m sure he’s got income property to unload somewhere for a new hotel.


  3. Now, Goober, you be careful w/your words or else you won’t be able to buy a pair of goofy eyeglasses in this town again!


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