More FUN with City employees

By:  Diane Benjamin

This pic is from LAST week, I just haven’t gotten around to posting it.

They probably think they are in a City owed parking lot, the public sure does, but it’s a private lot.

Note 3 City vehicles, one guy is mowing in the background.  The three trucks were in the lot when I arrived around 2:00pm.  All three left about 45 minutes later.  Maybe it was break time for all the guys not mowing, maybe not.

city trucks


3 thoughts on “More FUN with City employees

  1. Can anyone on the City’s management team inspire their workers to work? Good help is so hard to find . . . especially when labor’s got management bent over a stump. Can anyone here picture Mr. Hales going up to a group of guys and saying something like, “Hey, get to work.” No. He would stammer and sputter, and be his milquetoast-y self.

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