Vetting Tari Renner – Again

by:  Diane Benjamin

Sheriff Mike Emery recorded a commercial for Tari Renner.  The Sheriff credits Renner’s time on the County Board with ending prisoner placement in other counties due to over crowding.

I can only think of a few ways that could happen:

Crime is down

Arrests are down

The arrested are released instead of held in jail

The below chart compares the County crime rate in 2003 and 2011.  The complete 2012 information hasn’t been posted yet.  It doesn’t explain how Renner fixed the problem.  County Board members can’t release prisoners, maybe the jail was enlarged!



4 thoughts on “Vetting Tari Renner – Again

  1. I think this is so funny! Mr. Renner is most likey taking credit for something he didn’t do, but it sounds good! He’s quite the populist. Yes…I would like to hear a detailed description as to how “Super Tari” did this all by himslef. He’s gonna fix the world…:-)

  2. AND let’s not forget,,,Sheriff Mike Emery states that he will support the 2nd Amendment rather than Obama gun control, yet something so dear to his heart, where does Renner stand on that issue? Should we expect that Mr. Renner democrat, Obama supporter will be a gun grabber? It reminds me of an old math problem. If Em = Re and Ob = Re, but Em does not = Ob, then how can Re = Em??? Looks like the old problem is still a problem.

  3. As many of the plans for Downtown, the East Side Hiway, the Main Street Corridor, and all are discussed on should realize that Renner is most definitely excited about the the downtown rolling along but he like many other supports of these plans have absolutely NO IDEA WHAT THE COSTS WILL BE. Thinking that Renner will be conservative is a big joke. Like others that have sat in the mayors seal before him, Renner has no clue except to spend, spend, spend,

  4. I went to the IWU forum last night and listened to the candidates. One question is to what political party the candidats mostly identify with and why. Green and Hanson answered the question…but Renner blatently left out the word Democrat. I think this guy is pathological…and is running the most populist campaign I have ever seen. What you see with Renner is not what you get! I wish the voters could see this. Green was honest and candid, Hanson lied about his voting record when confronted by Renner.

    Renner and Hanson made a big stink about the closing of the control tower, Green said it was made out to be a bigger deal than it really is. Today in the newspaper, it says that the control towers will stay open…only $500,000 was cut, and CIRA can find the funds. So much for knee jerk reactions and sensationalism.

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