Common Sense: Bye Bye Bye

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bike Blono wants all cars to drive slower.  TENS of THOUSANDS more cars than bikes is immaterial.

Even kids understand that riding a bicycle in the road is dangerous, Bike Blono wants you to change your behavior.  If you don’t agree,  you are evil.  They have at most a couple hundred members, many fewer bike for transportation.  Bike Blono is using the Tari Renner tactics to destroy opposition.  They posted a picture on Facebook of house with obvious opposition to bike lanes on Washington – the picture is meant to intimate the owner.

Note:  The proposed bike lane doesn’t go to State Farm, OSF, or Eastland Mall.  It doesn’t go from downtown either, only Krietzer to Regency. 

Below is the entire post:

There aren’t a “few loud voices”, there are lots people who feel run over by their government.  

It is true that people only pay attention when they are personally affected.  Radicals are mostly free to implement their agenda because citizens aren’t paying attention.

Proposing bike lanes on an arterial road isn’t working for citizens.  The city originally planned for Washington to be 4 lanes.  Emergency vehicles use Washington to get to OSF.  Bike Blono wants two narrow lanes and bike paths.

Since I recently road in an ambulance with lights, siren, and horn blaring – and I saw cars unable or unwilling to get out of the way – I know Bike Blono’s plans will make the problem worse on Washington!

If common sense has any chance of prevailing in Bloomington, citizens must make their voices heard.  Bike Blono spelled out how to do that.  Show up June 13th and/or June 14th and email!

Their few members are trying to create the perception they are a majority.  They are not.  You are.  If you allow them to intimidate a home owner who is only concerned about the safely of her children, everybody will lose.  When radicals  bend government to their will, government will force you to pay.  Keep in mind, Bike Blono has already forced the City to pay for a Bike Master Plan which ties into the Complete Streets plan.  Washington is just an additional street for bike lanes.

I’m hearing reports from other home owners of foul language and obscene gestures being tossed around the Washington Street neighborhoods by Bike Blono members.

Are the terrorist bullies going to win or Common Sense?  How can the Council support this group?

The below was posted on Facebook in the last few days, note the last comment:

(names redacted)

Drivers have trouble seeing motorcycles.  Bikes will be worse.





51 thoughts on “Common Sense: Bye Bye Bye

  1. My understanding is that the current project DOES reach to OSF Drive, even though the temp lanes were only from Kreitzer to Mercer. And eventually I think it will go all the way west to Lee. I think this bike group is taking an incremental approach. Or they could try to shove it all the way all at once. I’ll never understand how a few lines of paint that cause people to OBEY the law and drive the speed limit AND make more people safer can get people so worked up. Explain it to me, please.

    1. Considering the traffic count on numerous roads around the twin cities it is measured in automobiles, not bicycles. Hey Bike BloNo, how come you bikers aren’t counted? Oh it’s a bit ridiculous to compare 2-3 single digits to thousands you say?

    2. Bob-the original Master Plan did not include Washington Street for the exact reasons people are against including it now.

    1. The new bikers (motorcycles) credo is: Motorists get off your damned cell phones!
      Let’s get with the times Stan!

    2. Stan, ever wonder why motorcycles are so loud? They know it is difficult to be seen so they make themselves heard for safety sake.

  2. The temporary bike lane ends just before the Mercer intersection where the road bottlenecks and changes to 2 side by side lanes for the intersection. To invite cyclists to ride that route and then abruptly end where it does is dangerous.

    1. The proposed change includes putting a center left-turn lane going west for turns on to Mercer going south with a single car lane and bike lane merging going west on Washington. Apparently, only resurfacing with no additional road work.

  3. Bike BloNo is the very few, very loud,,,now in appointed positions by the marxist, commie, Bloomington mayor renner. Back in the day mom would say, “Sure go ahead and ride your bike to school, but STAY OFF of the busy streets!” as we scurried out the door. Wisdom, common sense considering the weight difference, human on bicycle vs human in automobile.

  4. I spend two to three days a week in Champaign with our business where there are bike paths on the roads everywhere. I see (very) few bikes on these paths any time I am using the city streets. Essentially they are empty all of the time. They do a very good job of making all the streets very narrow and adding to the traffic congestion. All it takes is one trip to Champaign and anyone with eyes can see how silly this is. FYI – their buses are empty most of the time too. So bike paths on Washington Street will go unused 99.9% of the time – so what exactly is the point to putting them on the street? To fulfill someone’s dream of a city with bike lanes for the .05% of people who might use them during the warm weather months (you will not see people on them December through February unless they are nuts or desperate). The positive side is that with no vehicles allowed in the bike lanes, the bike lane will not wear out as fast. So less potholes to fix! Maybe (bikes only) streets would be even better! The streets will stay good for years and we can use the money for sports complexes or the money pit coliseum? Tari are you listening? I think I have a plan here to save a lot of money on street repair.

      1. I wouldn’t waste my time… all of the establishment here has their agenda in their alternative slice of the their own little world. I prefer to live in June 2017 not June 1989.

      2. Lawrence, that is the problem. Nobody wants to waste their time because they think it won’t make a difference. Then, the minority gets their plans in place.

        1. All the plans in the world are not going to make any difference soon. State Farm is being disrupted and ISU is starting to feel the effects of what will soon be a bursting education bubble. Yes, we are a little Detroit in the making and nothing is going to stop it. So let them dream about bike awards and cities of their imagination, the bell is tolling for B/N. If you have the ability to move… that would be a good idea before the spiral downward gets serious. We are in a well documented recession which is really a general economic decline and we are talking about bike paths? Have these people lost their minds? Soon State Farm will be forced to replace thousands who work the phones every day with AI Chatbots. Where will these people find jobs? Not in B/N! They will be forced to leave town. And we talk about building outdoor sports complexes and bike paths? This is not leadership.. this is criminal neglect of their elected responsibilities.

  5. Bike BloNo is not telling the entire story–typical for a fringe group. First, one needs to read the Bicycle Master Plan to see the future locations of bike lanes and side-paths which will make the “rectangle” to connect IWU, BroMenn, OSF and State Farm. According to the Master Bicycle Plan, no parking is allowed if there is a designated “bike lane” as opposed to a “sharrow.” No parking will be allowed on Washington Street from Lee to Regency if a bike lane is installed.
    Bike BloNo claims people were asking for bike lanes on Washington St. so they don’t have to “dodge parked cars on Olive.” Who are these people? They are a few people–very loud people–fighting very hard to make this happen. Dodging parked cars is part of sharing the roadway. Yes, cars also have to watch for doors being opened into the street from a parked car. As I have traveled on Washington Street, I’ve seen some experienced cyclists riding according to the rules of the road without any special bike lanes.
    According to the material available at the meetings, “In Fall 2016, City Staff began having monthly meetings with Bike BloNo. The group provides input on various projects and acts in an advisory role. Bike BloNo suggested minor tweaks to the Bicycle Master Plan, adopted in May 2015. These included tweaks to planned projects to align with the Complete Streets.” Bike BloNo has not been working with City Staff on this topic for THREE YEARS as claimed
    From a reliable source, a high level administrative staff member, Public Works was not in favor of putting a bike lane on Washington St. I was told the issue became political during the three years Bike BloNo “worked” with Public Works. Bike BloNo met with Funks Grove Neighborhood Association on April 21, 2016 to collect input. Comments from 18 people were collected. Not everyone was in support of the idea. About 50% of the 30 attendees of the meeting this Spring 2017 at Washington School were opposed to the idea of bike lanes on Washington Street.
    Bottom line, Bike BloNo does not want to SHARE the roads, they want to own them. There is infrastructure where motor vehicles are not allowed–Constitution Trail. There needs to be certain roads that are reserved for motor vehicles–Public Transportation and Emergency Vehicles.
    Recently, I had an experience on the two lane section of Hamilton to Bunn during “rush hour” for State Farm. The traffic was backed up from the RR tracks to Bunn St. in both directions. There are no shoulders, only culverts. An ambulance was trying to get through. The ambulance could only travel at 5-10mph. Washington St. at Mercer during “rush hour” has traffic backed up for several blocks in both directions as well. Every minute counts during serious medical conditions.

    1. I wondered about parking as well. The lanes on Front allow parking and bikes. I see on page six of this doc. that parking is allowed next to bike lanes. You cannot park IN the bike lanes though. The chalked section of Washington doesn’t see a ton on on-street parking, but it is allowed.

      1. Lisa–the document does say bike lanes are to be painted between parked cars and driving lanes if both are allowed. Without widening Washington Street, there is not enough space to provide two lanes for driving, two lanes for bikes and parking unless perhaps parking will only be allowed on one side of the street. Public Works does not want to put in additional cross-walk markings for pedestrians to safely cross the street so pedestrians will be at greater risk. Olive St. and Front St. already have “sharrow” paths for parked cars and bikes to use and are part of the original Master Plan. Olive and Front are NOT major E/W arterial roads like Washington is. Bike BloNo does not want to use the “sharrows.”

  6. Yes Bike Blono is a NO-GO. Everyone needs to email these idiots and put in their two cents worth. It’s easy. I just got done with one and they aren’t going to like what I thought of it. This is a real city with real problems to fix, Not a Uber-left playground with a unlimited check book. Be sure that this folly will cost lives.

    1. David–Glad you made your voice heard. I agree with you completely and have shared my input as well. Your argument will be deflected because the painted bike lanes will only be installed on newly resurfaced roads–so they say. They will also argue that getting an award for being a “Bike Friendly City” is good for economic development.

  7. I have lived in Bloomington/Normal my entire live except when in the service for 2 years. I used to live on Washington street near Kreitzer when I was quite young. That was when very vew cars were even driven in this town. Many used the bus service. I am noticing more and more how short sighted our city officials are. If anyone is really interested in what real bike lanes look like, just go to Normal where bike lanes are already made along with the curb coming back out into traffic! It must have been an idiot who designed these streets! You think those bike lanes are safer? WOW! How about riding on the sidewalk? Very slow traffic there. Not many walkers and they for sure can share the sidewalk with walkers, just like Constitution Trail!!!
    I am for keeping our bike users safe, but this doesn’t even make sense. I hope people get their heads out of the sand and pay attention to what our city officials are doing.
    I hope everyone is aware that the State Farm office on Washington and East street only has 3 floors of people working there. Once the last 3 floors are vacant, the entire building will be vacant! We need an addition to the library??? We need a hotel by the Coliseum? What hotel will be the next to go out of business??? Library??? Give the users an ipad or a nook if the can’t afford one. It will save millions!!!
    What is next that we can blow YOUR money on!!!!!

  8. The meeting went well tonight – Fishbowl, I believe is what is called. I am no activist by any means, I am simply a mom on Washington fighting for the safety of my 3 beautiful boys. I am not alone, my neighbors signed the petition and I would hope this crew with so many insightful points would meet Monday for the meeting. Our voices do matter – if we don’t speak up then dude….we will always wonder 😉 Appreciate your support tonight, Diane!

      1. Even small wins are wins….I wondered if that meant the crosswalks/signs in middle of intersections. Similar to what you see at BJHS during pick up/drop off. I want to believe they are listening. …first rodeo. Fill me in if I am DELUSIONAL…

    1. Speaking to the Council on Monday is important. However, it is MOST IMPORTANT to speak at the PLANNING COMMISSION meeting. Once the Planning Commission approves the change, the City Council will approve the Commission’s decision. Make no mistake, Bike BloNo is manipulating the system with the input meetings and “tabulating” the results to convince the Planning Commission. Few people are aware that these appointed individuals are making critical decisions.

  9. SO the bike dude is not a man of a handshake – must be his younger generation. Still has my pic of my home up. Told people no name calling and no address details – they will be deleted. Here come his minion at me ONCE AGAIN I am sure. I said didn’t we just shake on this being taken down, bike dude?

    TWENTY…holy cow I don’t even have 20 friends!!…I will try to bring who I can!

    1. You don’t know me but I’ll be your friend at the meeting on Monday and at the Planning Commission meeting too. I support your concerns.

      1. Invite those who signed your petition. Not everyone needs to speak but all can be invited to stand to show how many support the speaker(s).

  10. If bikes are going to be part of the traffic on Bloom/Nor streets then they should pay for the upkeep of those lanes. Maybe a privilege to ride in the bike lane tax say $100.00 every year per bike to pay for upkeep? I have to pay for the privilege to drive a car they should pony up as well! Maybe a little skin in the game will make the BLONO bikers think twice about cutting streets down to nothing for cars.

  11. A couple random thoughts about Bike BloNo (AKA: Isis On the Prairie):

    A suspicious mind and a half hour of intuitive googling will reveal some VERY interesting things about some of the leaders of the Organization. Ideology. Background. Funding. Pantagraph?…Pantagraph?…are you still out there?

    Have hear anecdotal rumors about BloNo intentionally setting up recorded (of course) bike/car interactions, or more correctly, confrontations. Can’t prove anything yet, but if I were in my SUV, alone, driving in a rural area, and encountered a mob of cyclists, I would be very, VERY frightened and hesitate to proceed. True definition of terrorism–mob action preventing ordinary people from doing ordinary things that they have every right to do. Again…Pantagraph?…Pantagraph?…are you still out there? Do you still have any (unbiased) investigative reporters? Naw………

    1. The Pantagraph endorsed Renner. The Bike BloNo group were active members of Renner’s re-election campaign. Renner, Black, Schmidt and Gorman (VP of policy and Infrastructure for Bike BloNo) were on the Bicycle Master Plan steering committee. Gorman and Amelia’s husband are appointed members of McLean County Regional Planning Commission, responsible for the $100,000 Comprehensive Plan and Complete Streets. WGLT employees a VP of Bike BloNo. This is all political.

  12. I live outside of Bloomington/Normal and drive to that community almost daily. I drive a one ton dually. I have had to stop shopping in this town because I’m going to kill someone on a bike! My vehicle is wide and takes up all of the roadway between the lines. There is no room for error. Do I live in an agricultural community? Yes. Did the main roads in Bloomington/Normal meet my needs as a visitor to your community? They use to but not anymore. Why can’t those bike lanes be put on streets with little traffic? Roads are made for motorized vehicles. Bikes are made for sidewalks.

      1. Hey Diane, love your dedication. I have a question if you know what exactly is the law on riding bikes on sidewalks? Or where could one find out? Thank you

  13. That’s right, encourage the young children to ride their bikes on the streets with the higher traffic count increasing their chances of having a bicycle/automobile accident. Will children have to be hurt or killed before these idiots realize their foolishness? Clearly this is NOT a well thought out plan. So much is missing from the discussion. Real safety should include eliminating potential bicycle/automobile accidents. Why not put bicyclists on sidewalks? It’s 100 times safer for the children.

  14. Bike BloNo only has to take down the photo IF they went on the person’s private property to do so. Since they did not post a name of the homeowner or address of the house, it can be reasonably thought that the intent of the photo is informational and not meant to intimidate. Now what Bike BloNo should have done is just post a photo of the sign leaving the house out of it. If any crime happens to the home owner, and there are strings of attacks on their Facebook page, the judge could order it to be taken down. The only the homeowner thing can do is report it to Facebook and see if it can be removed. But honestly speaking, there is no legal basis forcing Bike BloNo to take it down;

      1. I heard “board” and “take it down”. Was anything else said about removing it? The audio isn’t the greatest. The homeowner should file a police report. If memory serves, an obscene gesture could be a misdemeanor disorderly conduct at the least. Stick a wi-fi camera up with a view of the front of the house.

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