Tari wants to rob you again

By: Diane Benjamin

When Tari ran for re-election in 2017 he promised to fix the streets, he forgot to add one line to his campaign card:

Tari created a Gas Tax in 2014 to fix the roads, he raised the Sales Tax in 2015 to fix the roads. NOTHING is being spent on road resurfacing that didn’t come from these 2 tax increases!

The General Fund is expected to have a surplus of between $4 and $5 MILLION this year.

NOBODY on the Council has asked a simple question: Why does the Motor Fuel Tax need raised again when we have extra money?


In 2015 this was on the City website and discussed at a Council meeting:

Jim Karch told the Council spending $9,448,821 EVERY YEAR only gets the streets to a rating of 4 out of 10.

According to the Proposed Budget – PDF page 230 – http://www.cityblm.org/home/showdocument?id=21171

Spending on streets “exceeded $3.5 million this year”. ($3,500,000.01?)

PDF page 251 of the proposed budget has this:

Since the City is ONLY using taxes the Council increased to fund roads, less than half of what Jim Karch told the Council in 2015 he needed is in the budget. All of that money is not even being spent to fix the streets. How much of it will go to bike paths a couple of people use? The Master Plans demand them!

Roads are obviously not a priority!

Voters were deceived by Tari. He will demand the gas tax be increased at the 3/25 Council meeting.

There is NEVER enough of your money for Democrats. Their agendas take priority over the wants of the people being robbed. Pensions will continue to be spiked, the City will continue obsessing over the dead downtown, the Coliseum and BCPA will suck up even more money, the huge empty buses destroying the roads will be funded, junkets called meetings and training will continue, etc, etc, etc. The needs of citizens will continue to be ignored.

Hear what Karch told the Council in 2015 at this link: https://blnnews.com/2015/05/12/13-7m-9-5m-what-tari-didnt-want-to-hear/





12 thoughts on “Tari wants to rob you again

  1. Tari seated next to Abe Lincoln ? I thought Lincoln was taller than that. Tari must be sitting on something.
    There is only one term that applies to the local Socialists–treason. The term Democrat should not be used in describing this scurrilous tribe of Godless fools. Diane, your investigative work and your reporting by far exceeds all other entities in this area and I thank you for that.

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  2. OH, Tari being that tall is EASY to explain! they just took his “child booster chair” from McGuires and borrowed it for a photo op, long enough for Tari to “look” normal. That and TRICK photography..
    The streets will get fixed, when Tari starts being a nice person…


  3. I’m sure the surplus general fund is for a “special, surprise project”, like a library or soccer stadium. I’m sure council people know this and that’s why no questions are asked. We are so screwed.

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  4. The surplus likely exists solely to either boost the bond rating and/or fund the next boondoggle project. Think about it, Tari and his Far Left pals keeping $4-5 million in taxpayer dollars on the sidelines. No way, not with this band of spenders and big government “leaders”. The fix seems to be in.

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    1. Don’t fool yourselves – It’s not for the library. They made a big show of having a joint presentation from an expensive consultant about the sports complex, so you know it’s going to happen unless Maybe Normal votes in the fiscal conservative slate and they can stall it. Besides, spending on the library Might make sense if they weren’t already spending too much on boondoggles. Boondoggles are Always the priority, and the next one is the sports complex.

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  5. I’m shocked a Democrat slavery party member sitting next to Abraham Lincoln.

    The only way to get rid of him and the council seat warmers is to vote them all out.

    Buy your fuel from other locations and good gawd don’t purchase retail locally if you can help it. Don’t pay them one cent.

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  6. Unfortunately, not buying gas locally isn’t fair to the locally owned gas stations. Understand the sentiment but it’s not their choice for tax hike. I would say tho to buy from a locally owned station at least.


  7. Tari makes another ex-mayor named Jerry Springer look great. (mayor of Cincinnati) Jerry now has shows that appease to people like Tax’in Tari and his followers as they generally show the same level of self centered attitude. They definitely show the same level of civility that Tari has shown. .. BTW I will buy my gas elsewhere, if it hurts local businesses they need to get up and hold Tari’s feet to the fire. Just going ahead and accept it as one suggests changes nothing. Enough is enough. The Atlanta truck stop to be built will be able to advertise, buy gas before the land of high gas taxes called Tari’s Bloomington.


  8. Improved Transparency? insert eye roll and laugh here! Protected the public? Tell that to the families of the dead. So Terri O Renner is now superman? Gee according to this Tari doesnt need a city council nor a police department or any city workers. He can just wave his hand and its done. Must be nice to be all powerful ! Since Terri is doing all of these wonderful things I guess we dont need public employees


  9. Big surprise. We apparently like this treatment since we vote these leeches in year after year. What does it take to stand up to this confiscation?


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