13.7M, 9.5M – what Tari didn’t want to hear

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari didn’t want to consider any budget cuts last year, so he forced through 3 tax increases.

Tari didn’t want to consider any budget cuts this year, so he is taking $3M from savings.

Tari didn’t like the results the citizens summit and surveys, so he’s putting a commission together to study the budget.

NEEDS before WANTS is immaterial to Tari because he really needs bike lanes and a downtown hotel, for a start.  He has more plans.

Bloomington: you elected a mayor who doesn’t care what you think.  Renner has his own agenda and he will not be denied his vision.  He claims he campaigned for office on spending, evidently you didn’t listen or he wasn’t clear.

Citizens want the roads fixed!  Every survey, summit, and meeting repeats the same need – the roads are horrible!

Last night Alderman Lower asked Public Works Director Jim Karch how much money it would take over the next decade to get the roads to “Good”.  According to Karch, on a 10 point scale, good is a 6.  Hit play below:


It will cost $80 Million to catch up.

13.7 Million per year to achieve “Good”

9.5 Million per year to achieve “Fair”

This year the Renner/Hales budget spends 2.4 Million.

Alderman Lower has stated at almost every meeting:  Needs before Wants.

The Mayor and the Council aren’t listening.  Downtown Bloomington and economic development by government are far more important.  Marxism 101:  Government is smarter than you.







8 thoughts on “13.7M, 9.5M – what Tari didn’t want to hear

  1. Sounds like Mayor Professor is trying to run the city like a class. Okay students lets form a committee for a group think time.

    No confidence in the council and city manager is what this appears to be. A citizen survey means nothing.

    Okay lets waste some more time mulling this over.


    1. He also uses the meetings and Mayoral “Open” House to pontificate and campaign. There is no dialogue or listening going on.


  2. The Budget Commission is a joke. Why would anyone think their report will be taken into consideration? Public services are turned into an enterprise and micromanaged by the Council. The cost effectiveness report from the professional consultant and the recommendations from the Solid Waste Department were ignored. Surprise!! Public Works is thrown under the bus and fees will have to be increased.


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