BAM! Pantagraph bias revealed

By:  Diane Benjamin

The bird-cage liner makes crystal clear today why NOBODY should ever read the rag again.  Not only did they leave out Jim Karch’s statements concerning how much it will cost to fix the roads, some nameless person editorialized about Gov. Rauner’s “private meetings”.

Gee, guys.  Last night Mayor (not so) Transparency got the Council to approve his hand-picked committee, consisting of unelected citizens, to analyze the budget.  When they conclude taxes MUST be raised, I’m sure you will completely ignore that all their work has been done in secret!

Tari:  How is your secret committee even legal?  Are the meetings going to be open to the public?  Unelected friends of yours are going to make recommendations for the Council to rubber stamp?  Maybe this time you will get the answer you want – raise taxes.

Of course the Pantagraph railed against Rauner for lack of transparency, but said NOTHING about Renner.  The nameless author calls Rauner’s approach “an affront to open government”.  Renner’s private committee isn’t?  The writer even suggests Rauner watch “School House Rocks” for lessons in how government is supposed to work.  Send the link to Renner, evidently he also missed how sunshine makes for good government.

Unbelievably, the editorial even accuses Rauner of appointing like-minded people who will rubber-stamp his agenda.  Contain your laughter now, I know it’s difficult, but there’s more.


By choosing to work out of public view, the Rauner administration is effectively telling the public that they know what’s best for the state and that we shouldn’t worry our silly heads about what kind of deals or discussions are going on in private.

Substitute Renner for Rauner and city for state.

Stop the laughing now – this is serious!  The failure of the Pantagraph to hold local government accountable means your local government can get by with anything.  Citizen who still think the Pantagraph reports news become low information voters.  The daily articles leave out key details on purpose and the editorials ignore facts and make up others.

The only good point to the editorial:

Your timing couldn’t have been better!





4 thoughts on “BAM! Pantagraph bias revealed

  1. Just to see what the local rag bird cage liner would do I posted a comment and it had a link to a piece on David Hales about what happened in OR from this website. Nothing offensive or breaking their rules. They didn’t post the comment. I guess they can’t handle the truth.

    I think they should be taxed their rag based on the weight of the paper and ads in it that likely goes to a landfill.


  2. At last night’s meeting Renner said the Budget Committee would be open with public comment when all nine met together. Nothing about video or notification about when and where the meetings will take place. Work sessions would be closed however. I doubt the group will meet as a whole very often and won’t listen to citizen input anyway. Other than the bicycle group, the public comments were on point. The look on Renner’s face during the applause following the final speaker is priceless.


  3. Renner wants to be like Koos & Obama! He’s well on his way to being there. He’s managed to control the media (pantagraph). He’s managed to stack the gov(local) He’s managed to tick off the real citizens of Bloomington. He’s managed to tax people to bankruptcy! See, he’s just like his true hero’s in the world, Koos & Obama!


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