Bloomington: priorities other than roads

By: Diane Benjamin

The actual meeting was only around an hour. The Council was in Executive Session for the rest of the video.

Gary Lambert lambasted the City for the cash reserve levels during Public Comment, this is a must listen:

Hit play below to hear the City is only spending around $9 million on streets this fiscal year. You will be able to only HEAR, the video quit working.

7 years ago the Council was told it would take $9.5 million a year to achieve “fair” for all roads. That was before massive inflation.

Instead of “fair” roads, citizens get $25 million spent on a library and around $12 million for a water park only open a few months a year. Tim Gleason now wants a new streetscape downtown, maybe $25 million.

Your roads have never been a priority.

The Council had to push hard for $9 million. They need to push harder and stop with amenities until the roads don’t damage your vehicle.

2 thoughts on “Bloomington: priorities other than roads

  1. This county and the cities are setting their eyes and money in social engineering and smart city management systems. Lots of locals and partners making tons throwing money to each other all based on the infrastructure “plan”

    Folks think it’s progress. Rich get richer. If you work from government you are golden for like. Technocratic leaders are deceiving and steal from taxpayers. For gain

  2. Plus, remember, “Some roads are more equal than others”. Certain areas will remain nicely maintained, certain people will get perks and $$$, and others won’t.

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