By: Diane Benjamin

Tari Renner’s last campaign manager posted a picture of downtown on his Facebook page, Jenn Carrillo decided to share it with added comments:

Those are really nice trash containers. Just who are they for?

They are on City sidewalks, so the likely intended users are people walking downtown.

Do people walking BAG their trash?

Doesn’t this look more like citizens disposing of their trash for free or a downtown business disposing of their without paying for service?

Justin? Justin?

Hey Jenn, what say you?

Try again guys! The streets are minefields ready and able to damage taxpayer vehicles.

Downtown is a priority in your minds only.

24 thoughts on “Really?

  1. If Jenn couldn’t have stopped to actually look at the photo and wonder how those full garbage bags got there, then Bloomington is really really doomed.

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  2. Why yes, the last time I was in the downtown area I brought along a nice bag full of trash to deposit in those handy dandy trash containers. Doesn’t everyone do that?


    1. Laughing here, out loud, for real – these people are soooo challenged and they are so challenged they don’t even KNOW they are challenged. Also, does a full garbage can REALLY inhibit their ability to walk? Is the sight of a full garbage can soooo scary for them or repugnant that they simply can NOT walk down a street on which one sits?


      1. I like seeing trash in those garbage cans and if one of those trash bags is mine? Well, it’s kind of a special feeling I get knowing that I helped fill up a city street garbage can. Seriously, next time you are headed to downtown Bloomington just add a bag of your trash to your trip. You wont regret it.


    2. would not surprise me to see people dumping garbage bags downtown. I have noticed that businesses like Walmart have become dumping grounds as well.


  3. Justin Boyd. Seems like I’ve heard that name before. Oh yeah, Chairman of the Planning Commission appointed by Renner. Hypocrite! Hey Justin, want to make downtown a destination? Fix the streets so vehicles can pass without throwing their vehicles out of alignment or popping a tire and or damaging a wheel. Wait. No money you say? Yeah there’s money if ya all weren’t ripping it off the taxpayers paying for consultants from Chicago everytime ya turn around. Remember that name folks, Justin Boyd, another Renner brown shirt. Downtown business owner looking out for his own interests, not yours.

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  4. I would wager if someone opened up that trash it would contain mail from either Boyd or Carillo or another one of Renner communists


  5. I remember when Renner ran the first time one his “BIG” issues was the treatment of city employees. So now his campaign manager is trashing city employees! Oh how the worm turns. Or in Renner’s case, the snake!!!!

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  6. My pile of leaves from 3 huge maple trees sat on the curb for over 3 months. A few garbage bags overflowing a container for a few hours doesn’t seem that bad. Haven’t been downtown in years anyway.

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  7. Where’s the Downtown Business Association or whatever agency of city hall it is now? Where’s Trish? You know, the Renner hack that failed to run the DBA and was handsomely rewarded with a sweet city job, a big taxpayer-funded budget, and no performance expectations or success. News flash, Jenn, Downtown is not a priority because the marketplace says it’s not. Look at all those “undocumented” garbage bags that Justin photographed! Let them in, Justin!


  8. It would not surprise me one bit if those garbage bags were “planted” there for the purpose of taking pictures. It makes more sense to me that the garbage that is typically thrown in an outside, downtown garbage can would be: a pop can, a pop bottle, a crumpled up bag from chips, etc. NOT AN ENTIRE BAG OF GARBAGE. On the other hand, it is a good thing that someone deposited their garbage in the can and not on the street, sidewalk or driveway. This is just all too suspicious to me.

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  9. IF JEN HAD A BRAIN she’d KNOW that the LARGE photo is NOT on MAIN STREET , but looking EAST on Monroe from the NW corner, PAST the corner, so it’s ACTUALLY on Monroe. WAY to go Jen, ONCE again you’re on the SAME IQ level as AOC!! Keep going, you’ll reach “full blown idiot” in NO time..
    Streets? We have STREETS?? I’ve been on rural farm roads that are WAY BETTER then our streets!


  10. 8: 36 AM – 3/15- The Garbage police checking in. No overflow in any city trash receptacle on Main in 300 block south to Market and west to Center on both east and west side. Jenn can sleep tonight .

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  11. Garbage police checking in- 9:33 AM – 3/16- No overflow trash bags in any city trash receptacle on Main down to the turn-on at Main St across from old Chinese restaurant. At that block 1 receptacle almost full of empty cardboard beer and soda packages. Looks like a good time was had.


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