Guess who else was in Dwight

By: Diane Benjamin

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Chicago is attempting to spread their far left lunacy across the State. They need support for bailing them out of the corrupt financial mess they put themselves in. Chicago has been completely controlled by Democrats for close to 90 years. If big government and taxing you to death worked, Chicago would be a great success. Instead, they will be lucky to not declare bankruptcy in the near future.

The Chicago case was never more clear than when new County Board member Shayna Watchinski was sworn into office by a Chicago Democrat instead of local officials:

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Shayna joined the radicals in Dwight to protest the ICE detention center. A sitting County Board member, who took an oath to uphold the Constitution, traveled to another county to interfere in their government. I heard from a reliable source that County Board member Logan Smith also participated.

Without ICE detention facilities we know what happens, illegals are given a court date which very few will show up for. Shayna must believe we are not a sovereign country with the right to control immigration. Shayna must not care about human trafficking either. Opposing detention centers means using “Catch and Release” meaning human traffickers can disappear here.

I also heard from a Sheriff Jon Sandage that law enforcement personnel from McLean County, including a Bloomington officer, were sent to Dwight to help keep the peace. Shayna and Logan participated in an event that cost the taxpayers of McLean County money.

County Board, is this an acceptable activity for elected officials? It probably is in Chicago, how about here?

The person behind the sign is Shayna:

FYI: Bloomington City Council candidate Jeff Crabill was there too:

5 thoughts on “Guess who else was in Dwight

  1. I just sent an email to the mayor of Dwight apologizing for our local leaders who chose to go there and disrupt their meeting. These people are an embarrassment to all of us here.


  2. These folks SHOULD be given a “FIRST CLASS” tour of the new detention center when it is completed, and given the FULL amenities of residence there..


  3. That photo at bottom shows biggish man at right. Is that So my Garcia? I am 98 % sure that is the man who held court at Coffee Hound 2 March, downtown. Lots of people take a laptop there, but I never saw a guy come in with a box a foot cubed, full of files, and actually set up office there before. He was there 10 onwards I’d guess. I left at noon and he was still making appointments and meeting people. Yvonne



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