Radicals attack Dwight

See Update too: https://blnnews.com/2019/03/12/update-to-dwight-story/

By: Diane Benjamin

I wrote last week about the local Democrat Party selling T-shirts to raise money for buses to Dwight to protest the potential ICE detention facility. https://blnnews.com/2019/03/09/know-what-a-stonewall-democrat-is/

Yesterday Jenn Carrillo, Sonny Garcia, Jeff Crabill and Illinois People’s Action took two buses of radicals to the Dwight City Council meeting.

Jenn gave a speech to the group when they arrived. I STRONGLY urge you to watch the video. She is the Poster Child for BUILD THE WALL:

Before the group entered the building they were given directions by one of the leaders to be respectful.

This must be their idea of respectful:

The radicals lost, the Council voted 5-2 for the detention facility. If you aren’t on Facebook you can’t see what happened next. If you are, click here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=392919761255541

The large group starting chanting “Vote Them Out” and “Shame On Dwight” while parading around the gym, and intimidating the Council members. The police were forced to intervene. As they were leaving they chanted “We Will Be Back”. This is a screen shot:

This is Democratic Socialism and mob rule.

Keep in mind Jenn Carrillo and Jeff Crabill want to get elected to the Bloomington City Council. Voters have options. Use them unless you want Bloomington Council meetings run their mob!

15 thoughts on “Radicals attack Dwight

  1. Of all the issues facing Bloomington, Jenn chooses to put almost all of her energy into immigration?! What about the economic downturn and stagnation in Bloomington? High-skill, high-pay jobs leaving places like State Farm and being replaced by low-skill, low pay jobs. For sale and for lease signs all over the place. Declining population. C’mon, Jenn! You have time to go to a rally in a different town concerning an issue that doesn’t rank in the top 10 issues for Bloomington residents, yet no time to debate locally on issues of substance like local tax policy, zoning, infrastructure, and economic development?!

  2. I am an old school Democrat who believes in freedom, decency, and justice. What I see here, angers and disgusts
    me, but my option open is to maintain a cool head, watch and wait. Should I speak up and speak out ? No, not yet.

      1. No need to wait, we live in a violent, aggressive Nation, It is everywhere, from cartoons to schools, to the tv news.

  3. Jenn actually brings up a few good points in this video. Problem is, she fails to recognize the obvious.
    1st – that illegal immigrants are exploited. True dat, but why Jenn? You’ve been exploited from Day 1, as those exploiters are making money off of you folks just to get you here. Thinking that those folks are humanitarians is about as dumb as dumb can get. Also because you arrive illegally of which therefore sets you up to live in the shadows. Blame no one but your poor choice to choose the illegal undocumented status as legal immigrants do not have to live in the shadows. 2nd – that you feel you are denied the American dream. All I can say is you are not alone in that as the American dream is pretty much over for everyone, mostly due to corrupt politicians and the large drain of financial and other resources being drained by millions of illegal immigrants getting free stuff. Free stuff always runs out but you just can’t comprehend that can you Jenn? America is busting at the seams. It’s kinda like a life boat that once over capacity, problem is that the boat will probably sink, therefore saving no one. Due to the selfishness of some, all will lose. Just keep this in mind Jenn, exploiters live to exploit ignorance. It’s the name of the game. No offense, just fact.

  4. An old school democrat recognizes the common sense conservative values that the party used to stand for. No reason for anger if you really were old school Jim. It’s the extremist take over of the party that has messed your mind. Just walk away.

    1. Old Stanky ,Anger can be controlled. I walked away years ago when I found out that a good way to get fired is to speak up against corruption in state government. My mind is not messed, I enjoy playing solitaire till dawn with a deck of fifty one.

    2. Yes, realize that the Democrat party left you long ago, you owe them NOTHING in the way of loyalty etc. I voted a straight “D” ticket for years – about 11 years ago I woke up. Once you do you will see all of your “leftist” friends in a different light, and many will abandon you if you actually broadcast it. Some you will feel sorry for because they do have good hearts and are simply brainwashed and deceived, but some you will see for what they really are, and you will probably not like what you see.

  5. These people give “radicals” a bad image. These folks are just pure HATE speech! Nothing more, nothing less. They have nothing of substance going on in THEIR lives, so you shouldn’t either. (repeat mantra)

  6. So, when Jen gets on the council is this how she will react when she doesnt get her way? Everytime one of the citizens( who pay her salary and healthcare and pensions when elected) says something she does not like, is she going to attack them? There is nothing more dangerous than a radical who thinks violence is the answer.

  7. ANGER eats a person up from the INSIDE out. It destroys personality, character and dignity. It SEEKS to instill itself on others and feed on THEIR anger, and when it is NOT felt in others, it grows and manifests itself, even mutation until it becomes MORE then basic anger. It becomes a TRUE HATRED for others and ones self. THIS is a example.
    God teaches GRACE, only few will practice it.

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