Know what a Stonewall Democrat is?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before I answer that question, local democrats and independents need to know the local democrat party is following the same course as the national party – moving so far left it’s difficult to see them as anything but socialists veering straight toward communism

Keep in mind, Illinois People’s Action was the group that disrupted a Rodney Davis event in Uptown shouting chants demanding Medicare for All.  If you missed the video, see it here:

Illinois People’s Action are not people you can sit down and have a discussion with.  They hate America as founded and want socialism instead of freedom.

Illinois People’s Action traveled to Dwight recently to protest ICE locating a facility there.  (They lost round 1)  Since they were in favor of the Welcoming Ordinance and their goal is anarchy using illegal immigration, they are planning another trip.  This time the trip is being run out of the Democrat headquarters in downtown Bloomington – complete with a Democrat McLean County Board member modeling the merchandise they hope to raise money with:

Are local traditional Democrats supporting this?  Has your party left you?

Stonewall Democrats:

The local Stonewall Democrats held a party last night at the Bistro in downtown Bloomington.  The Bistro has been hosting a lot of events for various candidates running for office locally.

Many of them have their name on the event (pic below):

Refer back to what a Stonewall Democrat is.

Are these 6 running with an agenda to demand special rights for the LGBT community?

Most people couldn’t care less what a person’s sexual orientation is.  They do care when an agenda that violates their beliefs is crammed down their throats.

If any of these 6 gets elected we will hear endlessly about LGBT issues just like we did when Obama was in office.

BTW, the Bistro event also turned into an anti-ICE event:


These people and their supporters do vote because it is very easy to win local elections when only 10% bother to vote.

If you don’t inform and drag everyone you know to the polls, this is your future.

Everyone in this pic is running for office:





18 thoughts on “Know what a Stonewall Democrat is?

  1. Aren’t you spreading the same hate and misinformation you’re decrying? You’re rhetoric is over the top in describing both the Democratic party. I don’t know a single person over the age of 65 who doesn’t like Medicare or would give it up. You also don’t know what socialism entails or you be describing something that isn’t happening in the Democratic party. You’re hysterical and hyperbolic statements aren’t true or fair.

      1. And your blog is on the internet, you’re not physically printing this blog out and only selling it from your house to like minded people. So yes, you have a virtual soapbox where you’re exposing some rather radical ideology of the alt right, some which includes advocating violence. You also aping some very divisive untrue sentiments of the Democratic party. “They hate America as founded and want socialism instead of freedom” is patently untrue. It also shows that you and your readers don’t have the foggiest idea what “socialism” entails. It certainly isn’t Anti-American. We as a country use “socialism” all the time. From FEMA for the recent tornadoes in Alabama to agricultural handouts because of foolish tariffs is socialism, “Socialism” is the American way. It’s covered by the “common good” and general welfare in the Constitution.

        If you want to sit around demonizing people you don’t agree with, be honest, you harbor hatred also. You also have unwillingness to walk in someone elses shoes who isn’t like you speaks volumes.

        1. You can’t read! I have made a point of no violence! The DC democrats have refused to vote against infantacide and just voted to allow illegals to vote. Both are anti-American values. I could make a much longer list, but they are obviously all socialists and coming out against the few democrats left who aren’t.

    1. I was at an event where Dave Shields mentioned there are four iirc LGBTQ+ candidates on the ballot this election, and that the best part of that is that “it’s not a thing”.
      Like most on the left, he’s a flaming hypocrite. If he supports gay rights, that means they should be treated like anybody else regardless of their preferences. By that measure, I’ve been a gay rights supporter since before some in the picture above were born. But they don’t want it to “not be a thing” – they want it to be an advantage, or a ‘privilege’.
      I’ve met half the people in the picture – They all seem nice, and I wouldn’t minding having lunch or whatever with most of them. But I’ll campaign against each and every one based on the issues. To decry discrimination based on sexual status, then expect people to vote for them based on it is pure hypocrisy.

  2. But you’re forcing YOUR views down people’’s throats. How is that any different? Are you actually going to not use Medicare? I don’t think so. Unless you’re willing to build your own roads and build your own filtration plant, your part of “socialism. If you’re so cool about LBGT’s rights why do you write screeds against them. In fact you’re more extreme than the Democrats you’re ranting against.

    1. Charlie no one held a gun to my head and forced me to read this article. You at best are one of the morons who wanted TV programs that you did not agree with to be taken off the air. Again you don’t like it, turn it off. Instead you want to regulate what we can read or watch to only your views and beliefs by censorship. Notice a—hole that your comments were allowed to be posted on a PRIVATELY run website. No doubt you, Hitler, chairman Mao and Stalin would be great friends. You are a textbook example of a communist. Hopefully people will get off their azz and vote to put people like you and Garcia in your place. Good night Tari & Company.

  3. A Nation where we are no longer allowed to celebrate the brilliance and bravery of the reverent General “Stonewall” Jackson, but are forced to tolerate the deviancy and debauchery of extremist “Stonewall” Democrats, is TRULY doomed!

  4. NOTHING worse then a “militant idiot”!
    I believe IF they didn’t have TRUMP to bash on EVERY newscast, they would literally be speechless, which would be a GREAT thing!

  5. George Washington warned us about a two party system. Now we have the Republicans claiming the Democrats are Socialist and Democrats claiming the Republicans are part of the Deep State Russian Republican Party.

  6. Charles, you really have no clue, none whatsoever, it’s actually rather sad. Your world view is very, very, misshapened. I have no idea how it got that way for sure, but I could hazard to guess it’s because you have spent a LOT of time in a very narrow little echo chamber surrounded by the like-minded people you have surrounded yourself with so as to avoid ever having to show any evidence of your utterances beyond perhaps some collection of lies written by some socialist type malcontents. I would also venture that IF you have done much traveling, it too has been rather sheltered from reality. I’m not bashing you, like I said earlier, it’s just rather sad, not sure how old you are, but hopefully there is still time for you to wake up and stop thinking that you are “woke” – “Woke”, by the way, is a lie, filled with lies where you exist in a chamber of lies, sometimes disguised as dreams, and pushed by liars on to gullible seekers of truth.

  7. The best part about this blog is that Dianne keeps telling ar the Libs for standing her on lawn but doesn’t have the sense to use the garden house when they come back. She needs the Libs.

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