Local Democrats need economics course

By:  Diane Benjamin

The local Democrats shared this on Facebook:

Of course they had to pretend the Republicans are the party of the rich, facts don’t matter when talking points to keep the minions uniformed work better.

Since democrats don’t bother with history before legislating, Pritzker and crew think the rich will hang around and “pay their fair share”.

Is that what Pritzker did when he took the toilets out of one of his mansions so he could save money on property taxes?  Is he paying his “fair share” yet?

Numerous blue states have already tried taxing the rich.  The result:  The Rich Leave.

What is really hilarious is while pensions are taking around 25% of the state budget (and rising), Pritzker is willing to put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot to change from a flat to a progressive tax and NOTHING to change the pensions system.

That means Democrats care more about union votes than the rest of the citizens and saving Illinois.

If Democrats want a progressive tax those rates won’t come close to providing them with all the money they want to spend.  Everybody will be paying more.

Just a few short years ago the tax was 3%.  Now 4.75% won’t fund Illinois.

Illinois doesn’t have a tax problem – they have a spending problem.

Businesses are already implementing changes coming because of the $15 minimum wage.  Employees and hours will be cut.  If employees were worth $15 an hour to their employer they would already be making that much.

Why is the Democrat Party ignoring facts?

You tell me:  (1)  Facts are immaterial   (2)  They are clueless   (3)  They are trying to destroy the system so they can build a new one.  (4)  Other?

Maybe Eric Rankin can sit in on a real economics course at ISU.  Is it still taught or just the socialist version?




11 thoughts on “Local Democrats need economics course

  1. Obviously they can’t change the pension system. If they tried to do that, they wouldn’t have the union machine there to help them get reelected. And if all the establishment were voted out, something good might happen to Illinois. We can’t have that. The establishment must retain power. Only they know best! We are just there to pay the bills, but only until we can move.

  2. MORE Illinois math:
    Unions + Democrats = higher taxes (more spending x corruption)

    For ANYONE who wishes to READ HISTORY, and WHAT rich people do WHEN they become TARGETS of the “uninformed”. I suggest reading the informative AND interesting WIKIPEDIA piece on the BRADLEY MARTIN BALL, WALDORF ASTORIA. and attn: DEMOCRATS!! PLEASE pay attention to the LAST FEW LINES..
    ANY ?

  3. Hang with me on this…..
    Then you have idiot reporters like Kyle Beachy at WEEK providing Fake News. (Well they claim he has a Masters degree at The Ohio State University). In Friday night’s 5pm show he showed a graphic that showed those making between 10K and 100K would be taxed at a rate of 4.9% (from the current 4.95%) and then saying they would pay a “half of a percent less” No Kyle that is 5 one hundredth percent less…you were not even close. Plus a true way to present this information would be in dollars and cents. Putting my money where my mouth is:

    Earnings* Tax Bracket Change from Current Rate Change in tax paid.
    $5,000 4.75% .2% LESS $10.00 LESS
    $50,000 4.90% .05% LESS (KYLE) $28.00 LESS
    $175,000 4.95% .0 SAME $38.00 LESS
    $375,000 7.75% 2.8% MORE $3462.00 MORE
    $750,000 7.85% 2.9& MORE $14212.00 MORE
    $10000000 7.95% 3.00% MORE $21462.00 MORE

    Porky Prickster needs to understand that in Bloomington’s case State Farm has quite a few well developed
    campuses in tax friendly states (can we say Texas) and this could provide the straw that broke the camel’s back
    to make the move. Not only better for the company but better for the executive….lower taxes and better weather.

    All local mainstream over the air media and the Pantagraph pathetic and that is being charitable. They have no clue as how to properly provide a factual story with pertinent numbers. It is a sad commentary as to what journalism and what a college master’s degree mean today.

    *Earning are based on what a earner makes after deductions as provided by Illinois income tax code.

  4. WAY to lay it out MEDIAGHOST!! And that’s NOT to mention “other” Illinois companies, Boeing, Caterpillar, Deere, I could go on down the alphabet…

    1. When the man closes shop and moves out of state I will get back to you. In the meantime Prickster will charge you 7 cents for every grocery bag you use, 2 cents a mile for your car (give it time), and find a half a dozen new taxes on everyday items and events to get that $30 back!!!

  5. No ‘cuz the Dems are going to find a magic tree that will still give me money after the rich bug out. They promised.

    And since I will only be using food pantries, gubmint bennies, and public transportation, I will still have my $30.

    The above was purely sarcasm.

  6. “Why is the Democrat Party ignoring facts?”

    The simple answer is…because they can. The mainstream media won’t push back on their claims and the vast majority of citizens are either too busy or too distracted to do their own research.

    The sad reality of it is this: bad politicians didn’t get us into the mess we’re in, regardless if you are looking at BloNo, the state of Illinois, or the federal government. Citizens did, by not paying attention to what their elected officials were doing, not educating themselves on the issues affecting their communities and society or the history of our country, not participating in their children’s education, and in most cases not participating in the election process in any way, shape or form.

    And I say this as someone who has been guilty of many of these for most of their adult life. Thank you Diane for all the hard work you do to help people like myself step out of the darkness.

  7. “Illinois doesn’t have a tax problem – they have a spending problem”

    I have been saying this to everyone I can for years and years and years. Democrats just don’t care to hear it. They continue to think that you can just spend your way out of any problem. I really wonder what these peoples credit scores look like. They must have mountains of credit card debt if they think this way. It’s beyond foolish and I don’t think there’s any way they’re going to listen.

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