Jenn Carrillo and company

By:  Diane Benjamin

Since most people don’t even know an election is coming – meet your new representatives.

Our Revolution is not about returning to the Constitutional values that made America great.  It isn’t about individual responsibility.  It is about destroying capitalism.  It is Bernie Sander’s ground game for a socialist America.

Carrillo has been endorsed by socialists:


Jenn quit working at the YWCA claiming she didn’t want to be a distraction for them.  It appears she is community organizing for Illinois People’s Action out of Chicago.  They are using a new name:  One People’s Campaign:    One Peoples



Jenn has been using their slogan from the beginning:

Chicago politics is attempting to take over the entire state.

Socialism doesn’t work in Chicago, it has never worked anywhere.  The only reason it is tried over and over is for power through deceiving the population.  It’s about creating government dependents instead of prosperity.  It does insure individuals can’t improve their lives by improving the lives of others (Capitalism!).

If Jenn bothers to show up for the debate on March 19th, maybe WGLT can ask where she works.  (She has skipped two others so far)

Keep in mind Jenn isn’t the only candidate being endorsed by One People’s Campaign:

If you still wonder if Jenn represents your values, listen to this podcast of an interview she did with local guys: Carrillo interview

Hint:  She calls Tari Renner :  Uncle Tari.

13 thoughts on “Jenn Carrillo and company

  1. This further validates my decision to move out of Bloomington-Normal. This is the beginning and end of liberty (or what’s left of it) in Central Illinois. Watch who leaves and who takes their place in both communities. TaxPAYERS and talent out, government-dependants (individual and business) in. Jenn is telling people exactly who she is and what she stands for. There’s no deception, just voter apathy. The reason for the apathy, in my opinion, is that many, perhaps most, decent folks have checked out.

  2. Just LOOK at this collection of people they are endorsing, just LOOK carefully at them – Do you REALLY think any of them have any idea of what YOUR daily life is like? Think long and hard about that before voting for any of them. It goes far far beyond their present or even past income levels, past their race or national heritage – those things are completely of zero concern to real Americans and real Patriots if you will – it’s the intangibles, learn to SEE these things not so quickly seen by the eye alone or even heard by the ear alone – I’m being totally serious here – LOOK VERY closely at them. I would NEVER vote for ANY of them, ever, for anything, because they are like a sickness that will eventually destroy their “host”.

    1. I wouldn’t say Never – while I don’t foresee it happening with the possible exception of the college kid, it’s possible they could embrace reality at some point in the future. If that Were to happen, at that point, they’d actually be Very Good people to vote for, because they’d know better than us how ‘the other side’ thinks, and hopefully be better able than us to tell which among them are the naive and which are the evil.

  3. The Soviet Politburo takes over Bloomington, Illinois. See you at Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate. Even Tari didn’t think it would be this easy.

  4. Actually, the McLean County Left had a “Master Plan” in place to accomplish exactly this since the 1990s. I know–we infiltrated them back them. They executed…..while we slept.

    The same thing is happening on a much larger scale to the whole country right now. ARE WE STILL SLEEPING?

  5. I wonder what poverty rates and murder rates were and are in the wards in Chicago and central Illinois communities that One People’s Campaign have taken over or are trying to take over. I wonder what the ratio of legal firearms vs. illegal firearms. I wonder what freedom of speech looks like. For instance if you question the legality of a candidates family members should that candidate file a police report. Should citizens be harassed and threatened for disagreeing with candidates who are supported by this group? I know they sound “great” on paper and that they seem like they are all for equality, but my experience has shown me otherwise. They are bullies who want to take freedom away from everyone. They don’t seem to understand that freedom isn’t something government gives us, all government can do is take freedom away.

  6. SMUG must be the NEW political look. Tari has it, Jen has it. And the REST of them are just FORCING a smile!

  7. What happened to the county GOP. E-mailed them for information 5 days ago and no response…Have they gone the way of the Bush One Worlders? I see no leadership locally, except this site. Go Diane!!!

  8. she had to quit her job because of the attacks and cults? If this is maga…….God help us all……….

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