Illinois Republican Primary Governor Debate Tonight

Of course Richard Irvin won’t be there because he isn’t a Republican. Darren Bailey, Gary Rabine, and Jesse Sullivan will meet for one hour starting at 7 p.m. WGN-TV is broadcasting the debate, but so are local stations. See how to watch here: I predict these three will split the vote which allows Irvin […]

Koos vrs Tiritilli Debate TONIGHT

Today at 6 PM CST – 7 PM CST Hear from the candidates running for Normal mayor in the April 6 election. They are Chris Koos and Marc Tiritilli. This debate is co-sponsored by WGLT, the League of Women Voters of McLean County, the Bloomington-Normal branch of the NAACP, and Illinois State University’s Center for […]

Bloomington Debate last night

By: Diane Benjamin Obviously many of the candidates last night believe what they are told instead of facts. The Coliseum doesn’t lose $500,000 a year, $1,000,000+ is MUCH closer to the truth. The City pays a lot of money for auditors, they shouldn’t be burying the results. Jenn Carrillo was playing with a ball […]

Jenn Carrillo and company

By:  Diane Benjamin Since most people don’t even know an election is coming – meet your new representatives. Our Revolution is not about returning to the Constitutional values that made America great.  It isn’t about individual responsibility.  It is about destroying capitalism.  It is Bernie Sander’s ground game for a socialist America. Carrillo […]

Normal Candidate Debate

By:  Diane Benjamin WGLT, League of Women Voters, and the Pantagraph held a debate last night for 8 of the candidates running for 3 Trustee seats.  Write-In candidate, Karl Sila, was not allowed to participate. The audio frequently “blinked” making it a little difficult to listen to, I haven’t listened to the audio at the […]

Debates, BS, and Facts

By:  Diane Benjamin Cities 92.9 held a debate last night between mayoral candidates Kevin Lower and Tari Renner.  Listen to it HERE The picture below is the back side of a mailer sent by Tari Renner.  I’ve been holding it for a couple of days because I knew he would use these talking points during […]

Call for Debate: Press release

Because voters deserve information before replacing Matt Sorensen on the County Board, I am calling for a debate between the 4 write-in candidates. I have scheduled a debate for Tuesday March 1st, 6:30pm at the Launch Pad – 315 E. Front Bloomington.  . District 2 stretches from Heyworth to Towanda, this location was chosen because […]

Budget: Problems Identified

By:  Diane Benjamin What did Bloomington citizens tell their elected officials?  Fix the roads and no spending public money on a downtown hotel.  The Mayor and Council heard the same mantra over and over, but did they listen?  Obviously not. Stay with me here . . . I get the same emails from ICMA – International […]

LaHood finally agrees to debate

By:  Diane Benjamin According to LaHood robo calls, early voting for the Primary to replace Aaron Schock starts tomorrow.  LaHood didn’t show at his last scheduled event in Eureka, maybe he will show for this one. ( Don’t vote early until you have heard all 3 candidates.  LaHood has already been in Washington having meetings […]

Davis-Gill Debate

If you think Nancy Pelosi should be back in charge of the House and Barack Obama should remain President, then vote for Gill.  His presentation tonight is in lock step with BIG government. government run healthcare was somehow tied to virtually every subject taxing millionaires and billionaires – Fair Share – cornerstone of campaign.  Of […]