Brady/Blumenshine debate

By:  Diane Benjamin

Watch the debate video in this WGLT story:

If you are in the 105th House District you need to watch the debate before voting.

Note the times mediator Charlie Schlenker interjects his own opinion.  See -45.40 and Brady’s snarky remark following.  Maybe Charlie and Dan missed where the gas tax is being spent:

Dan Brady does not believe in term limits even though over 90% of citizens do.  Brady thinks voters can throw him out of office without them.  See Brady’s campaign contributions here, incumbents always have the money advantage:

Brady talked about backing Rauner the first year and then not backing his reform plans the second year because of no state budget.  Madigan won because the Republicans had no core beliefs, it’s always deal with the devil instead of standing on principles.  Republicans will never be in the majority when they don’t stand for anything.  When Rauner ran against challenger Jeanne Ives for governor Brady didn’t take a side.  Blumenshine supported Ives:

See -6:10 to watch this yourself.

Listen to the closing arguments.  Brady thinks raising the gas tax was justified, he didn’t mention all the other taxes and fees he voted to raise.  He claims to be fighting for the people in his district, he doesn’t mention working to stem the exodus from the state.

Blumenshine asked if you are better off since Brady took office in 2001.  He asks is any changes will happen if the same career politicians are sent back to Springfield.

You can just listen but watching the video shows what Brady thinks of his opponent, he doesn’t like being questioned about the job he is doing in Springfield.  There are frequent smirks like this:


Other details are in the WGLT story.


6 thoughts on “Brady/Blumenshine debate

  1. This is a grand opportunity to replace what is wrong with our state government with some one not obligated to every union group and special interest.

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  2. The PROBLEM with politics IS the politicians who have made themselves comfortable!! They ALL need to go BYE-BYE! They ALWAYS talk of NEW ideals, so I say, YEAH, Let’s get NEW people in there that have them! Pretty simple Dan..

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  3. Don’t really need to watch video as I have known for a long time what Brady is about….and it is not being a true republican or protecting the citizens from government trying to take over our lives while stealing all our money. He needs to go in the primary or I might as well vote for a democrat in the general elec lion.

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  4. Brady has forgotten who he is supposed to be representing. He bragged about how he worked to “broker” $40 Million in additional taxes diverted to ISU. He also worked hard to force taxpayers to pay double on gas tax and 19 other taxes of fees as he likes to call them. Wow! Dan I am so proud you screwed over the people who vote and actually pay taxes so ISU can get even more taxpayer money.

    I wonder how many votes and how much in taxes ISU pays. Wait, businesses and special interests don’t vote. ISU pays no property or sales tax. They do not help pay the tax burden.

    So Dan did all this work for who? Name the individual who benefits. I am sure there is some special interest donor who wrote or will be writing a check to his campaign.

    I want someone elected who represents people first. Dan has does not have people as his highest priority. And this is why I am not voting for Dan any longer.

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  5. Dan Brady is addicted to politics. The hand shaking, the slapping on the back, being in the limelight, the pancake breakfasts, he can’t get enough. Try pinning him down with a specific question and have the tenacity to press him for an answer and he can’t get away from you soon enough to shake another hand. Like the entire Brady Bunch in Illinois he’s an empty suit.

    His foil is Mike Madigan. Just blame everything on being in the minority party and speaker Madigan and he’s guaranteed reelection in the 105th. Not only is Dan Brady Mike Madigan’s favorite Republican, Mike Madigan is Dan Brady’s favorite Democrat. Dan Brady would have absolutely no idea what to do if the Republicans ever gained the majority in Springfield. He’d be done.


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