Where is the new gas tax being spent?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Doesn’t Illinois have a law about where has taxes can be spent?

If you thought it was for roads you won’t like this:

Chicago Tribune:  https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-viz-illinois-infrastructure-plan-database-20191018-dti3anpgqng7bg6oh4f4yafosq-htmlstory.html

There are over 3000 entries on the list of where the $45 million is going, so I could have missed some.  This is what I found for Bloomington and Normal:


I don’t see a road mentioned!

ISU, Connect Transit, and Parks and Rec get the majority of local money. 

Silly us thought the State roads would get fixed.

10 thoughts on “Where is the new gas tax being spent?

  1. I know where the money is going: under the table to crooked lobbyists and consultants! They’ll say that money has disappeared somehow and then say they actually need more money to finally fix the roads and then request another tax hike. So corrupt! If you want to see where that money is spent, go to the local strip clubs right after a big politician meeting with no-bid contractors. Hell you’ll even spot local “journalists” at those establishments with the politicians. They’re all in on the corruption. It’s time us citizens start scoping out these gentleman’s clubs and call out these crimes! Us taxpayers are being robbed!

    1. Dan Brady’s a RINO fraud who needs to be primaried! He sold us out a long time ago. Now he gets in bed with Governor Tubby and his tax-raising, America-hating, illegal alien loving policies. I bet he helps JB remove his toilets at the Governor’s mansion so JB can pay less in property taxes (ironic isn’t it). The sad thing is, Dan Brady calls himself a Christian. My ass!

  2. Dan Brady’s pet project is ISU.
    Illinois/Bloomington/Normal taxpayers snookered again. Who’s surprised?

  3. THE YWCA? You have got to be kidding me? Mid Central Community action? They likely just used the money to pad an administrators pocket. Unbelievable🙄

  4. SAD that NO ONE will be able to visit these “quality of life” enhancements, because they won’t be able to get there (unless they use CT) because you can’t travel the roads without stopping on the way at Advanced Auto, etc. for suspension parts!

  5. I’m flabbergasted!!! And correct, no mention of roads. However, I am wondering WHY S.Veteran’s and Morris Ave is being repaved?? I live on the SW side of Bloomington and in my opinion, there was no need for repavement. Can anyone shine a light on the reason why?

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