AG investigates Connect Transit – ADA

Connect Transit and both City Councils are not listening to transit dependent people who can’t ride the bus because of ADA compliance issues.

Connect would rather spend $184,000 for showers than stop where people need stops.  If the Connect employees are in danger from oil and diesel fuel, somebody should call OSHA.

I have little faith in this office, but time will tell.
Connect Transit RFI Rev

Connect Transit RFI Rev 2

25 thoughts on “AG investigates Connect Transit – ADA

  1. Hi Diane,

    I love your website. You’re a very inspirational journalist that exposes the deep state of corruption in Central Illinois. I am considering giving you a generous donation to your website! Unfortunately, I’ve found out that you block many comments of readers who post here regularly. Until you stop blocking commenters who tell the truth and provide information on who funds your website, I can not ethically give you money.

    1. Hey Maddlock, I’m pretty sure a lot of people contribute to I’m also confident Diane doesn’t take bribes or threats…like your “people” who are commenting and comments are not being approved. You either contribute or you don’t. It’s her site. You don’t get to run it if you make a “generous” contribution or if you donate $2. What do you think this is? WGLT? The Pantagraph?

      1. I agree Truth. Diane has every right to block bad faith libtards and whiny RINO’s. These people are just jealous how much success this site has! Remember when Diane got the city council to censure Tiny Tari Renner because he spouted off at Diane to protect his poor widdle son from “being attacked by Diane”? I do! That was awesome! Now little Adam “Schifty” Schiff is going to be censured and removed from Congress for running that scam Ukraine Investigation. Anyway, my only suggestion to you Diane is to please give a shout out or follow the words of Q….. lol you know what I mean!


  2. EVERY disabled person in the twin cities SHOULD get together and write a letter and threaten a class action lawsuit on CT, the cities and AG if NOTHING is done..

  3. The BN Elitist Clique is afflicted with “major urban center syndrome”. It is a mental disease where the patient actually believes BN is a major metropolitan urban center like Chicago or NYC. Whether it be public transit, roads and bridges, marijuana legalization or whatever leaders must imitate the big city. None of the actions of the Clique have anything to do with providing community service. It is all about showing their political buddies elsewhere that they are movers and shakers and cutting edge thinkers like their adopted government mentors.

  4. Not done yet! Just getting warmed up. It’s the law folks…Both Town of Normal and City of Bloomington are culpable. Unique with IGA. Whoever filed this complaint and got it pushed through…I applaud.

  5. Great reporting as always Diane. I’m really impressed with the hard working person who filed this complaint. What a great way to truly serve the citizens in this community. I wish the majority of council members would advocate like this.

    1. Damn Right! No one can stop Independent Journalism BLNnews.COM reports. The tagline is “News noBODY reports” for a reason! I bet the establishment corrupt local politicians sweat at night knowing Diane can’t be silenced or bought off for any amount of money. You see, they’re used to putting money under the table and having it all go away. I bet that’s what they do for Pantacrap and Communist local NPR station WGL-who gives a crap! Keep following the money Diane put don’t get your hopes up that AG Kwame will do anything about Connect Transit. He’s totally in the bag for tax and spend socialist gov’t agencies!

  6. Aww, you should follow Q Diane and Shifty schiff is going down like Terrible Tari. I’m telling you. If you want to learn more about Q, you should start listening to Chapo Trap House (a good Christian conservative American-loving podcast). They’re yuge Q supporters. Here’s their clips on Q:

    Keep up the good work Diane. Tell Mr. Maddlock to go take a hike! Chemberly, Koos and Renner will all be in jail soon!

  7. I applaud folks advocating for those of our community most in need and vulnerable. It’s not like Connect Transit and its cronies ever thought about caring. They’d rather make people their cause than offer them any reasonable, common-sense solutions. Lots of people, including myself, have asked why CT and the communities just don’t pony up and make these stops ADA compliant. After all, it’s not like Tari and Chrissy ever met a capital intensive building project they didn’t like. My hunch is that the cost to come into compliance would either force them to cut some gravy admin jobs and perks for through feeders at CT or even cause the program to go bust. Their egos are so big that they can’t admit that CT is a demonstrable failure in its current form. Also, I wonder if the lawyers were sitting on this, waiting for just the right time, considering the recent shenanigans at CT and wasteful spending. If so, bonus points for them. Even if this goes nowhere with the esteemed AG’s office, it’s not going to play well in the court of public opinion. Meanwhile, the local non-profit industrial complex remains curiously silent. Their lips are no doubt still attached to the posterior of the local elites.

  8. They thought people would abandon their vehicles in the garage to ride on buses to prove their progressiveness but what happened was they abandoned people that truly need the service.
    Good job voters!

  9. Don’t think that all non-profits have remained silent. Just because you haven’t heard from them does not mean they are not active. Believe me, there are active groups working as we speak. Shhhhh, silence is sometimes a very good thing. In it for the Long haul. Keep pushing the agenda Diane. I may not agree with your stance on some things but I do believe that is healthy dialog. It’s okay to agree to disagree but this issue is clearly dereliction of duty. Failure on CT and both local governments and severe lack of oversight at the State/Federal levels. Pure shame

  10. “If you have received any complaints, formal or informal … please provide the following …”
    Both municipal managers are on the CT Board. They also attend (nearly?) all council meetings. That means Every Single Public Comment complaining about CT and ADA, even something tangential like their lack of proper service to the VA, over the last year or more should be included in CT’s response filing. The multiple pages of that alone will not look good for them!

    Hopefully CT’s reply will be available online in some manner. Everyone who remembers making any complaint, especially something documentable like a letter, email, or a meeting on video, should check and make sure they’re included. If not, write the AG a complaint that CT is withholding evidence – a nice stack of those will look even worse!

    Glad to see CT is getting karma for co-opting the ‘working group’ into being about CT’s desire for even more taxpayer money rather than addressing the people’s service concerns like it was supposed to.

    1. The City Managers are not voting members of the CT Board. Even if they spoke up, they would probably be ignored just like everyone else.

      1. Voting members or not, in hearing citizen complaints during the course of council meetings, the managers, and thus CT, ‘received any complaints, formal or informal’ and those should be included in the required documentation.

  11. I have complained to disconnect multiple times . I am not holding my breath in waiting for AG to contact me . My guess is that Transit will find ZERO complaints to hand over.

  12. number three is totally funny! DATE ISSUES WAS FIXED? Wonder how many lies will come out of that. When I’ve sent them emails. all I get is a BS form letter blowing me off!

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