Bill Brady in Chicago Tribune

By:  Diane Benjamin Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass must have a tough life living and reporting on the Chicago corruption.  If you’ve ever rad his columns, he turns it into comedy. Kass wrote a column on January 30th pertaining to the supposed ethics reforms in Springfield: After Kass is done skewering Pritzker he gets […]

Where is the new gas tax being spent?

By:  Diane Benjamin Doesn’t Illinois have a law about where has taxes can be spent? If you thought it was for roads you won’t like this: Chicago Tribune: There are over 3000 entries on the list of where the $45 million is going, so I could have missed some.  This is what I found […]

To all local governments and schools:

By:  Diane Benjamin Property taxes are destroying the citizens of Illinois.  We now have the highest property taxes in the country! Stop stealing from taxpayers NOW. Your tax and spend policies are forcing people to leave and wrecking the lives of people who can’t.  Un-affordable housing is your fault. Normal raises property taxes every […]

#TimesUp / #MeToo – not in Illinois!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Chicago Tribune has been doing great reporting and editorials on Mike Madigan’s problem: Excerpt: I’m glad Madigan refuses to resign.   He doesn’t think hiding allegations of wide-spread sexual abuse in Springfield means he should. After he is re-elected by his precinct in November,  Democrats will need to vote him back […]

Government for the employees

By:  Diane Benjamin Bloomington changed the pension spiking policy for all new hires after they became liable for the increased cost – that was in 2012. The policy has not been changed for existing employees.  Why should any person be entitled to a pension they didn’t earn? Employees are getting paid months before they retire for […]

Rivian: One year later

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader sent this story to me from one year ago: The title of the story is: Who is the mysterious auto startup that wants to bring jobs back to a shuttered Mitsubishi plant in Normal? . We don’t know any more today than we knew a year ago even […]

The Watchdogs get sued – but WAIT!

By:  Diane Benjamin Today a lawsuit was filed against the Edgar County Watchdogs, the former chairperson of the College of DuPage, and Adam Andrzejewski of For the Good of Illinois.  The suit was filed by a member of the COD’s fundraising foundation who just happened to get no-bid contracts from COD, some marked as architectural […]

Pantagraph: Research YOURSELF!

By:  Diane Benjamin Oh, I forgot the Pantagraph doesn’t do investigative reporting.  Printing ridiculous statements from Tari Renner and David Hales is better?  For who?  Your bottom line?  The story today proves the Pantagraph is the last place to get news! David Hales claims to have investigated the accelerated payments problem for Sick Leave Buy […]

How many screw ups from Hales can you afford?

By:  Diane Benjamin Previously I wrote about local school districts throwing away your money in penalties because some employees were paid more than allowed before they retired – thus spiking their pensions. The City of Bloomington is doing the same thing!  Their policy of allowing employees to accumulate sick days and getting paid for […]

Unit 5 and District 87 BURN your money

By:  Diane Benjamin Maybe this story came out over a long weekend so you miss it.  The bird-cage liner REALLY blew the story!  Reason #24367 to not trust them or give them your money! Back story:  A law was passed in 2005 to prevent school districts from fattening pensions of retiring educators.  The Chicago Tribune […]

Bloomington AND Normal lost YOUR money!

by:  Diane Benjamin As reported in the Chicago Tribune: The Illinois Metropolitan Investment Fund — which invests public money on behalf of municipalities, pension funds and local government boards — revealed in October that it had lost more than $50 million after investing in loans now at the center of a federal criminal investigation. […]

When “public servants” lie . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin It isn’t a secret that I work with the Edgar County Watchdogs (IllinoisLeaks).  John Kraft and Kirk Allen are responsible for over 100 so-called “public servants” leaving office for a variety of reasons. John and Kirk started by investigating government waste, fraud, and abuse in their own backyards.  Today they get tips […]

EC Watchdogs: Front page of the Chicago Tribune!

They are the muckrakers of the farm fields, bloodhounds for small-town waste and corruption, self-appointed guardians of taxpayer money who comb through the books of municipal governments all across Illinois in search of misconduct and misspending. Kirk Allen and John Kraft call themselves the Edgar County Watchdogs. Others call them busybodies with too much time […]

Bloomington you are more corrupt than Chicago

by:  Diane Benjamin Downstate loves to blame Chicago politics for destroying the state, but there is little difference between Rahm Emanuel and Tari Renner.   Chicago has one advantage, a real press.   Bloomington doesn’t have that luxury.  Corruption is much easier when the press doesn’t do their job. Chicago Tribune writer John Kass has […]

Local news better in the Chicago Tribune

by:  Diane Benjamin Downstate press is unwilling to criticize local government.   Thankfully the Chicago Tribune will cover some stories.  They have a good article about Peoria’s Mayor Ardis being sued by the ACLU for his treatment of a citizen using twitter to parody the mayor:,0,5493686.story When was the last time the local press […]

Pantagraph protects the nefarious

by:  Diane Benjamin Today the Pantagraph finally got around to doing an editorial on the ISU-Flanagan flap.  Maybe they had to since the Chicago Tribune printed an editorial: Doesn’t Chicago have enough corruption of its own?  Why did the Chicago Tribune editorialize about the ISU firing and payoff of Tim Flanagan?  Maybe because there is […]

Governor Quinn Attempts Media Censorship

  This is the continuing story based on our 9 month investigation “Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.”   Hugo L. Black (New York Times Company v. United States, 1971)     H-1B ObamaCare Illinois Bombshell Read my Huffington Post column Within a high-cost IT contract, the Quinn administration is discriminating […]

Fly on the Wall: Jeers to the Pantagraph

Jeers to the Pantagraph for printing a Chicago Tribune editorial titled:  “Gun decision was a vote for violence” Pardon, your left wing ideology is on display again!  A complete explanation of why the article is insane isn’t necessary for thinking people, but a little information is: The article is chocked full of polls saying the America people […]