#TimesUp / #MeToo – not in Illinois!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Chicago Tribune has been doing great reporting and editorials on Mike Madigan’s problem:



I’m glad Madigan refuses to resign.   He doesn’t think hiding allegations of wide-spread sexual abuse in Springfield means he should.

After he is re-elected by his precinct in November,  Democrats will need to vote him back in as Speaker of the House.

Voting for Madigan again will prove the hypocrisy of the Democrat party.  Madigan failed to investigate 27 complaints, some of them against his own operatives.


Mike Madigan is the head of the Democrat Party in Illinois.  

It will be fun to see which loyal Democrats “overlook” Madigan’s failure to protect women.

#TimesUp ?

Do Democrats have ANY values?

So far a few have called for Madigan to step down.  Most of them are too scared to do the right thing.

November is going to be fun!

We will see the REAL Democrat party – good or bad.  I can’t wait to see which.

So far Democrats don’t had a problem with Madigan’s law practice prospering because of his connections.  Will they care now?





2 thoughts on “#TimesUp / #MeToo – not in Illinois!

  1. Yes Democrats have values. Those values include controlling citizens at all costs, paying for murder, theft, corruption, and removing as much freedom as possible from citizens. Wait remind me again is Rauner a Democrat? Vote for Ives in the primary. Ask for a Republic can ballot and vote for her. She will fight corruption and that will end Madigan.

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