Most media can’t count

By:  Diane Benjamin

WAND TV reported around 90 people attended yesterday’s 2nd Amendment Rights rally.

WJBC reported “over 100”.

Pantagraph reported close to 200 – usually  they can’t count!

The actual count (of those who signed) was 159.

Most of the people were from Bloomington-Normal and surrounding small towns.  A few came from Peoria, Canton, Bluffs, Rock Island,  Joliet, East Peoria, and Pekin.

How does the media get the count wrong?  On purpose?

It’s not that hard to get close:  Roughly count 20% of the crowd and multiply by 5.  Most of yesterday’s attendees stayed for the entire event.  Many even arrived early.  It’s not like the majority of the crowd had left when media showed up.

WAND has video – see it here:

Pictures here:

County Board member Chuck Erickson was the only elected person I saw attending.

I purposely hid complete names, but here’s proof of the actual number who attended:

3 thoughts on “Most media can’t count

  1. At least WAND ran it as the lead story Sunday night unlike WMBD who is always claiming to be “local”. Do we have to go to a station in Decatur to find out about what goes on?
    They can’t get the numbers right because: 1) interns did not take math, 2) It does not suit their objective, 3) Lazy and don’t want to take the time, 4) Afraid of doing their job competently, or 5) All of the above. You decide…

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