2nd Amendment Rights – pics

WAND TV Reported 90 people – This Is why I had people Sign:


WJBC reported over 100.

By:  Diane Benjamin

The rally was held today in front of the BCPA.  I had people sign in – 159 people did.  I’m not sure if everyone signed, there could have been more.  WEEK 25, Cities 92.9, and WAND in Decatur were there.  I heard WJBC was too, but I didn’t see them.  The crowd got a LOT of honks from vehicles passing by.

Great time with fellow patriots.  No protesters, no police either.  We refuse to be victims!

22 thoughts on “2nd Amendment Rights – pics

  1. Beautiful! Almost brings tears to my eyes. SO LONG since ANYTHING has happened in the City of Bloomington that I could be proud of. It keeps hope alive!


  2. Is it just me or did anyone else see a single Council member there? Was the Mayor there and I missed it? Do they really represent all people? Did any elected officials show up to this rally in support of Citizens’ Rights? I’ve seen many elected officials at rallies for non-citizens and rallies for taking away our freedoms. If that doesn’t scare you, it should!

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      1. I saw Dan Brady at Church this morning so I know he’s not sick…wonder why he didn’t bother to show. He goes everywhere.


    1. Interesting observation Angela as I don’t recall seeing any of them. Evidently liberty for illegals is more important than liberty for citizens as per this administration.

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  3. THANK YOU DIANE! We had a great time standing up for OUR 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. It’s sad that none of our city council or the Mayor took time to stop by to even pay a tribute to OUR 2nd Amendment RIGHTS. Kevin Lower was the one that messaged me about it a few days before but maybe he couldn’t make it. It was great to see and talk with the head of our Republican Party Chuck Erickson!

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  4. A thought found on the internet today which drives home the point, “If the Left is willing to lie, cheat & steal from us while we are armed to the teeth, can you imagine what they would do if we let them take our guns away?”

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  5. Mudd. Just LOOK at what Italy did it THEIR elections Sunday. LEFT vs right. They NOW wonder IF the two elected parties CAN make a government that works. The “left of center dems” had their WORST showing EVER with less then 20% of the vote.
    Something about 600,000 immigrants coming into the country and THEY ain’t liking it-SOUND FAMILIAR? NOW they have EXTREME left AND extreme right in power. WILL it WORK??
    I REALLY the Afro American gent with the oppressed sign. NOT too many folks that are armed get oppressed! It’s called RESPECT and COURTESY!


  6. “Armed blacks don’t get oppressed…” Really? I wonder what legal-gun-carrying Philando Castile has to say about that? Right. Nothing. Shot dead by a cop scared of a black guy legally carrying a gun. Can’t get oppressed harder than dead.


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