Renner and Koos: What do you stand for?

By:  Diane Benjamin WEEK reported earlier this week DOZENS of Democrats have signed a letter calling on Speaker Mike Madigan to step down: Locally these people signed: Notice who didn’t sign, other than the local Democrat Party Chair Nikita Richards? Tari Renner and Chris Koos Are they pro-corruption or just weenies? That brings me […]

More on Normal Monday night

By:  Diane Benjamin Besides Kathleen Lorenz proving she is unfit to serve as an elected official, lots of other things happened too.  In case you missed her rant: I hope Kathleen and the other Council members take the time to read the comments to that story.  The people supposedly “served” by the Normal […]

Think anybody in Springfield cared?

By:  Diane Benjamin It’s hard to understand why the General Assembly in Springfield opens each day of session with prayer, but they do.  When a Catholic Bishop in Springfield announced the leadership would not be allowed to take communion, Mike Madigan’s response was:  “I don’t go to church anyway”. Duh, Mike.  That is obvious. After […]

UPDATE: If this isn’t prosecuted, there is no justice!

Madigan backed down and withdrew the challenge!  The kid is on the ballot. Chances of anybody being prosecuted are zero.   By:  Diane Benjamin Unless you read the Chicago Tribune or John Kass’s column, you may not be aware of the Chicago farce happening now.  We hear stories of corruption and disappearing money, but […]

#TimesUp / #MeToo – not in Illinois!

By:  Diane Benjamin The Chicago Tribune has been doing great reporting and editorials on Mike Madigan’s problem: Excerpt: I’m glad Madigan refuses to resign.   He doesn’t think hiding allegations of wide-spread sexual abuse in Springfield means he should. After he is re-elected by his precinct in November,  Democrats will need to vote him back […]


Reprinted with permission from Guns Save Lives: Age limits, bump stock ban, extended waiting periods and a ban on body armor and “high caliber” ammo Mike Madigan has quite a lineup ready for Illinois’ residents this Wednesday.  Despite government’s failure in Florida to protect those kids from a savage sicko, Madigan and the Chicago Democrat […]

Early Voting is SLOW – Yippy!

By:  Diane Benjamin I’m hearing early voting numbers are very low.  That’s a good thing!  There is LOTS of campaigning yet to do, voters need facts first.  The actual election isn’t until March 20th! Thanks to Bruce Rauner’s endless mailings filled with lies, Jeanne Ives now has name recognition across the state.  I can’t believe […]

Declare your Independence!

By:  Diane Benjamin The 4th of July commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain.  It includes a long list of “repeated injuries and usurpations” of the Americans’ rights and liberties. FIFTEEN members of the Republican party voted yesterday in the House of Representatives to increase our income taxes 32%: Republicans voting yes […]

Connect the Dots

By:  Diane Benjamin You already know R.C McBride is the General Manager of WGLT radio and he is a Trustee on the Normal Town Council: , , , , , . If that isn’t enough to question the integrity of WGLT reporting, here’s more: McBride is also a precinct committeeman for the […]


By:  Diane Benjamin Nearly 96% of all donations to Dennis Malak for his bid on the 110th Illinois State Representative seat come from outside of the District and from Unions, some from Indiana and Maryland. Is this what the voters of the 110th need in Springfield?  More union representation, which would mean more taxes, and […]

If you haven’t seen “Madigan: Power, privilege, politics”

Democrats running for election should have to state why they aren’t a Madigan puppet!  Watch for more info. . Northwest Herald, Joliet Herald-News and DeKalb Daily Chronicle to host online screening of “Madigan: Power, privilege, politics” Full-length documentary will be available to watch online at newspapers’ websites starting at 7 p.m. tonight through 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26 . […]

Malak: Union Bosses Trying To BUY The 110th ?

By:  Diane Benjamin Nearly 96% of all donations to Dennis Malak for his bid on the 110th Illinois State Representative seat came from outside the 110th District and from Unions, some from Indiana and Maryland.  Is this what the voters of the 110th need in Springfield?  More union representation means more taxes and more pension […]

What media forgot to report: Rauner

By:  Diane Benjamin I was at Nord Outdoor Power yesterday for Gov. Rauner’s press conference.  Quit listening to the liberal media demanding that Rauner compromise just to pass a budget.  He won’t.  He will do what ever it takes to bring jobs back to Illinois and grow the State’s economy.  The Democrats are blocking everything.  […]

Vogel: Get some facts first

By:  Diane Benjamin Saturday little Stevie Vogel spewed more nonsense in his weekly Pantagraph Editorial.  The best I can say is he put his name on it.  Nobody else at the Pantagraph is brave enough to acknowledge their work. Yep Stevie, Illinois is all but destroyed.  People leave everyday, more wish they could leave.  Jobs […]

Dear Lisa Madigan,

Attorney General, Wanting Open and Transparent Government was a great idea.  God knows Illinois suffers from more corruption than most other states, but lip services doesn’t fix the problems.  You created the Public Access Office to give citizens a remedy for holding government accountable.  If the office worked, Illinois would be a better place to […]

Madigan now wants voter fraud legalized

by:  Diane Benjamin According to this Associated press article, Mike Madigan wants a Constitutional Amendment to make sure Voter ID is NEVER required in Illinois!  An ID is required for almost everything we do today, but protecting voter integrity is suppressing the vote.  Sure Mike.   Madigan’s voting rights amendment advances By Kerry Lester, Associated […]

Why Illinois votes to destroy itself

by:  Diane Benjamin During the March 2012 primary, a couple hundred Illinois citizens descended on poling locations in Mike Madigan’s district to pole watch.   I was one of them.  Here’s what happens in the “belly of the beast”.  Open and free elections DO NOT happen in Chicago. The poll watching event organizers had many […]

Mike Madigan finally caught?

Depends on who else will take money to look the other way! Clifford says he was pushed out for bucking patronage Ex-Metra CEO: I was fired for resisting Mike Madigan With two key Metra leaders “acting improperly” and gunning for his job because he resisted “political patronage politics” from the likes of Speaker Michael Madigan, […]

Madigan’s pension plan would perpetuate Illinois crisis

by: Ted Dabrowski,  Illinois Policy Institute Illinois Speaker Michael Madigan’s pension proposal (House Amendment #1 to Senate Bill 1) perpetuates Illinois’ crisis. The plan locks in the unmanageable defined benefit plan, guarantees the crowd out of core government services and continues the irresponsible pension payment ramp. Madigan’s plan keeps politicians in control of state employee pensions. By […]

Surprise! Amendment 49 in the Nov Ballot – Update

by Diane Benjamin First, Mike Madigan is behind the Amendment.  This amendment is based on a bill passed by the Illinois  House and Senate overwhelmingly last May: This amendment concentrates monetary power in Springfield.   Here is a 2 page summary More Information at: Also: Summary: Mike Madigan is behind placing a Constitutional […]