UPDATE: If this isn’t prosecuted, there is no justice!

Madigan backed down and withdrew the challenge!  The kid is on the ballot.

Chances of anybody being prosecuted are zero.



By:  Diane Benjamin

Unless you read the Chicago Tribune or John Kass’s column, you may not be aware of the Chicago farce happening now.  We hear stories of corruption and disappearing money, but nothing is more clear than the case of a college kid who had the audacity to run for Chicago alderman in Mike Madigan’s area.

His name is David Krupa, he’s 19 years old.  He needed 473 valid signatures, he filed 1,703 with the Chicago Board of Elections.

Madigan’s machine must have been scared by a kid because they went into action collecting affidavits from citizens revoking their signatures.  They turned in 2,796 affidavits.

See the problem?

Not only did they turn in more affidavits than the number of signatures Krupa submitted, only 187 of them actually signed Krupa’s petition.

That means up to 2,609 people committed a felony by signing a false affidavit.  The Board of Elections will hear the case this Saturday.

Krupa’s opponent is Marty Quinn, no mention if he is related to the former governor.

Read John Kass’s 2nd article here:   https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/columnists/kass/ct-met-chicago-13th-ward-alderman-race-kass-20181211-story.html?fbclid=IwAR0fz2tfy753Dp8wsBpc-se3QqbL8VKUu6E5zm1Eu4O6JrbRQ_FPRxgr0MA

His first article is linked in it.

We rarely get to see blatant corruption, this case is so clear if prosecutions don’t take place there is no hope for Illinois.

Krupa is a Trump supporter.  Aren’t the Democrats always crying about voter suppression while claiming voter fraud doesn’t exist?

In Illinois – yes it does.

McLean County dodged a HUGE bullet.





18 thoughts on “UPDATE: If this isn’t prosecuted, there is no justice!

  1. Gee, it’s funny how you don’t cover the corruption and voter fraud in North Carolina. All instigated by Republicans. What about Republican subjugation of voter’s will in Wisconsin and Michigan? Shenanigans? Republicans had to cheat in order to win elections. When they lost, they also cheated. Republicans and Tealibans have nothing on anyone in Chicago.


  2. Your blog is BLN, Bloomington Normal news. When exactly did Chicago become part of Bloomington Normal or even part of central Illinois? It isn’t. You seem to pick and chose your corruption. You endlessly carp about imaginary voter fraud in this country. Actual voter fraud by Republicans produces crickets by you. That speaks volumes about you.


    1. Chicago is a daily part of ALL CITIZENS IN ILLINOIS! If you know ILLINOIS you know that. Chicago runs our lives even in BLONO! Even in BLONO the stench of Chicago corruption is prominent!


  3. Stanhopia: HOW about YOU take Chicago and East St Louis OUT of Illinois and put them in YOUR state and we’ll BOTH be happy! As IF we didn’t have those 2 armpits, Illinois WOULD be Republican, and not a land of Granola! (you know-nuts, fruits and flakes))

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    1. Apparently cutting off you nose despite you face is in fashion on this blog. If Chicago and its suburbs were cut out, you’d be the state of Mississippi, which is high in sucking dollars from the government.

      Again, you keep stating over and over again, that this is a “local” blog for only Bloomington/Normal and Central Illinois. Tell me again how Chicago is part of either Bloomington/Normal. Your stating that corruption is only in Bloomington/Normal and Chicago is hilarious. Looking to the Republican led voter fraud in North Carolina makes that a huge lie.

      Didn’t one of your minions try to knock someone off the ballot by challenging her signatures recently in Bloomington/Normal? Evidently it’s only “corrupt” if a Chicago Democrat is doing so. If you actually know anything about Chicago, there are a lot of challenges to petitions because there are at least 15 people vying for the mayor of Chicago. John Kass is a hack who lacks any relevance as commentator. He is desperately trying drum up controversy.


  4. Marty Quinn’s brother, Kevin, was the top Madigan aide fired for sexual harassment. Marty Quinn was told of the allegations by the victim and did nothing about them. He even confirmed he did not tell Madigan about them. Considering the area here is impacted politically by the Madigan machine, I think the actions of his top lieutenants are very relevant.

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  5. Wonder if Attorney General Madigan’s Office has its eyes on this kid. Lisa Madigan has turned a blind eye to corruption since she took office. The A.G. is supposed to be the state’s highest law enforcement official.
    As far as Chicago having anything to do with the Twin Cities, Chicago had a horrific influence at the turn of the Century when Ryan’s people sent Cabrini Green folks here.

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  6. Chicago is Gangster Government! To clean up this corrupt political mess would take arresting most all the city officials in Chicago if we had a good Attorney General and Governor it could be done but not with Raoul as AG and Jelly Butt Pritzker as Gov because they are just more of the problem!!!


  7. my only comment to the people who are going after Diane B is: this is still a free country with the right to free speech/press and two if you dont like it dont read it!


  8. I am so tired of those that immediately read into a story that points to a problem that it must be a republican who has issues with a problem. Their immediate and constant rant is always what about the republican problem in some place else instead of seeing and acknowledging that the story being conveyed has some validity. Passing the buck never works but we sure have a group of individuals that feel like that is the answer to every problem and points to why our country is in the mess that we are in.


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