Illinois legalized Mail-in vote fraud Excerpts: Illinois lawmakers have changed the state’s election laws to explicitly allow county clerks and other election authorities to verify mail-in ballots using a process a judge had ruled was illegal, as it “would be an obvious way to commit ballot fraud.” Previously, under the law, Illinois lawmakers had required vote counters to ensure […]

Tired of dead people voting in Illinois?

These people are doing something about it!  There is nothing better than citizen Watchdogs with a lawyer.  Full disclosure – I know the people behind this: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 2, 2019 CONTACT: Babette Holder Director of Communications/Social Media E: [email protected] W: IL State Board of Elections Violates Law Faces Citizen Legal Action Carol Stream, […]

State Sanctioned Voter Fraud Bills

By:  Diane Benjamin There are two bills making their way through the legislature that would promote Voter Fraud.  If this concerns you, please submit witness slips – directions below. What the legislation will do: Both are similar. From HB257: “Provides that for the 2020 general primary election and each election thereafter, each election authority shall […]

UPDATE: If this isn’t prosecuted, there is no justice!

Madigan backed down and withdrew the challenge!  The kid is on the ballot. Chances of anybody being prosecuted are zero.   By:  Diane Benjamin Unless you read the Chicago Tribune or John Kass’s column, you may not be aware of the Chicago farce happening now.  We hear stories of corruption and disappearing money, but […]

Election Recap

By:  Diane Benjamin Congrats Illinois.  Democrats are in complete control.  Will somebody please name one place where Democrats have allowed prosperity.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Democrats create dependents, not a vibrant growing economy.   Illinois will collapse under the weight of politicians who refuse to fix the problems. Likely it is too late to leave Illinois since property […]

Madigan now wants voter fraud legalized

by:  Diane Benjamin According to this Associated press article, Mike Madigan wants a Constitutional Amendment to make sure Voter ID is NEVER required in Illinois!  An ID is required for almost everything we do today, but protecting voter integrity is suppressing the vote.  Sure Mike.   Madigan’s voting rights amendment advances By Kerry Lester, Associated […]

Think this might be voter fraud? Melouise Richardson voted multiple times in last November’s election, and claims they were all legal votes. What was the women thinking? “There was absolutely no intent on my part to commit any voter fraud!” Melouise voted absentee for herself, then went to the polls as well. She voted absentee for her daughter, and 3 […]

Urgent alert: HB2418 – Changes to IL election law UPDATE!

Update: Rep. Mike Tryon said NO Republican will support this bill.  Here are the House sponsors for HB2418. Please call them NOW. They are taking a tally. Barbara Flynn Currie (D) (217) 782-8121 32nd District André M. Thapedi (D) (217) 782-1702 Jehan A. Gordon-Booth (D) (217) 782-3186 CALL THEM. STILL ABLE TO MAKE YOUR VOICE […]

Democratic Ohio Poll Watcher: Yeah, I Voted For Obama Twice

Think voter fraud doesn’t exist? Think it doesn’t matter in states like, oh I don’t know…Ohio? Think again. More from John Fund: The Hamilton County Board of Elections is investigating 19 possible cases of alleged voter fraud that occurred when Ohio was a focal point of the 2012 presidential election. A total of 19 voters and […]

No Voter Fraud Here – sure

Below are links to reported voter fraud around the country. Is America now a 3rd World country? A Banana Republic? Why are Democrats opposed to voter ID?  It’s obvious. _________________________________ Add this link from Chicago: Think Lisa Madigan will prosecute?  Don’t be silly. _________________________________ Is there any doubt in your mind today that this is […]


November 2, 2012.  ROCKFORD, IL – David Hale, Coordinator of Rockford Tea Party, received an email message today indicating the patients at Rosewood Care Center, 1660 S Mulford Rockford, were “assisted” to vote this morning.  The email, sent from the granddaughter of a resident, reported “My grandmother is at Rosewood in Rockford.  My mother was visiting her this […]

United Nations will observe elections in SPRINGFIELD According to this website, United Nations observers will be in Springfield on election day to confirm fair voting is taking place. Still think we aren’t turning into a third world county? The question really is: Is the United Nations here to insure fraud free voting or to insure the re-election of Obama? Maybe our people should be […]