Never forget this:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Everything happening in the country right now has to do with ONE thing:

Presidential Election

Democrats have a candidate that doesn’t know where he is most of the time.  They don’t want you to know who will be running the country – it won’t be Biden.

Black Lives Matter is just an arm of the Democrat Party – the Marxist arm.  Don’t forgot BLM is a global CORPORATION.  BLM leadership is on video admitting they are trained Marxists:

The local Black Lives Matter group is coming after the County Board and both City Councils – see the video of Olivia Butts on WEEK:

All the liberal whites marching with BLM will vote democrat anyway, they are immaterial.  The silent majority will show up on election day.  November is a choice between Darkness and Light – tyranny and liberty.  Chanting “no justice no peace” says all you need to know, they want you to escalate “no peace”.   We know violence never wins, refuse to participate.

Of course voter fraud will be involved in all future elections.  We need eternal protection.  If you believe in America, pray for 1 minute at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm.   Jesus will answer the prayers of his people.

Your job is to inform your friends and neighbors and make sure they vote.  Defunding the police will cause chaos.  In Minneapolis Council members who voted to abolish the police now have private security paid for by taxpayers:  minneapolis_city_council_members_who_voted_to_abolish_police_are_now_getting_private_security_protection_paid_for_by_taxpayers

Only $63,000 in the past three weeks

Minorities know police are needed in their neighborhoods, they will begin to speak up.  Right now only the vocal minority is being heard.  The rest of us know most police want to protect and serve.  The bad cops need weeded out by the police themselves.

Bloomington’s latest announced candidate to replace Scott Black is part of BLM and Illinois People’s Action.  Ward 7 must do better!  Just look at who is thrilled with his candidacy:


jenn kelby support

sonny kelby

16 thoughts on “Never forget this:

  1. i can’t for the life of me understand what type of nirvana these people are imagining with their vision of the future

  2. Good riddance to Scott Black but another left wing lunatic, friend of Jenn’s is not the answer.

  3. If the racist communist achieve a majority on the council you will have the city of Bloomington bullying and intimidating citizens and businesses based on the color of their skin.

  4. Is this Cumpston character related to a Cope Cumpston that works in the Art Department at the U of I? There is a reason for my question.

      1. Smart ass, aren’t ya like all your buddies? I’ll introduce myself to you if I ever see you out and around. Wouldn’t be dumb enough to give you what you want. Since we’re interviewing each other, what rock did you crawl out from outside of BN? Going to change the world for the better with Bernie? Diane will keep these exchanges and share them with the entire town come election time. You have no idea who you are talking to.

      2. I was actually born in Bloomington.
        Looking forward to meeting in person and having a present conversation!

  5. Is this “guy” old enough? Other then looking dumber then a bag of hammer and Jenn endorsing him, what else can a person say??

  6. How does another white person on the council help fight systemic racism? Kelby being white can’t possibly truly understand the oppression black people have endured. I think ward 7 needs a black candidate.

  7. Kelby, MPeabody is John Reed. He is on Facebook if you are wondering what he looks like. Good info to have just in case.

    Hi John! Not hard to figure out who people are when people like you have no life and post on every Leftists Facebook page. And then you write the same way on here.

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