Mom and Dad aren’t necessary

By:  Diane Benjamin

Pretending kids don’t need their Mom AND Dad raising them together explains many societal problems.  A mom can’t teach a boy how to be a man.  Girls need their dads to teach them how men are suppose to treat them.  Without these role models as they mature it’s a miracle if paths the kids choose aren’t destructive.

Do blacks believe in moms and dads?  Black Lives Matter doesn’t:

blm family aBLM Family

Blacks historically are among the most church-going/Bible believing members of society.  Families are instituted by GOD, nuclear families aren’t western-prescribed.

Voices against the Black Lives Matter movement are often silenced.  I know not all blacks believe in the BLM Marxism.  Men are vital to families, did you notice the above statement doesn’t mention them?

See one of the founder’s on video admitting she is a trained Marxist here:

Does truth matter?

Refuse to be silent.

10 thoughts on “Mom and Dad aren’t necessary

  1. I have no desire to support a “movement” that cares more about pointing out everyone else’s flaws while completely ignoring, and therefore not fixing, their own problems. If black lives truly mattered to them, they would march on south Chicago and demand that the violence resulting in the deaths of babies and children needs to stop now. But a criminal high on drugs is more important than a 10 year old girl doing nothing but playing in her living room.

    They can think whatever they want about me at this point, but what disgusts me the most about this movement is that it glorifies criminals while forgetting innocent babies. This is just a disgusting and vile attitude and I want no part of it.

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    1. There totally was a march against gun violence
      just a few days ago. But, you werent paying attention cause that doesn’t fit into your agenda.


  2. “A mom can’t teach a boy how to be a man. Girls need their dads to teach them how men are suppose to treat them.”

    It kind of sounds like your saying only men can properly raise children. By that logic, two dads would be perfect.


      1. I think you’re way off base! My guns have been little juvenile delinquents for as long as I remember, I’ve tried everything,! Grounding., spankings, counseling, but they just don’t give up. What do I do? If we had guns with better manners, I’m sure BLM would not feet threatened by them, and the could quit being so sensitive!

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  3. “But, you werent paying attention cause that doesn’t fit into your agenda.”

    Really guy? One march for “gun violence” and hundreds of marches, protests, looting, burning, and riots for criminals. Next I suppose you’re going to suggest that I should be impressed by that. Am I supposed to congratulate you for something that should have happened years ago? Well, I’m not impressed. And my point still stands. I’m not putting any emotional or intellectual investment into any movement that can’t sort out their own problems before pointing out everyone else’s flaws. And stop trying to shame me, because you don’t know me and it wont’ work anyway.

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  4. According to the Brookings Institute (a non-partisan think tank, often thought to be centrist), your chance of falling into poverty is just 2% if you follow three simple rules: 1. Graduating from high school, 2. Waiting to get married until after 21 and do not have children till after being married, and 3. Having a full-time job. Doing say, according to Brookings, gives you a 74% chance of being in the middle class.

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