1st Public School District fights back

By:  Diane Benjamin

Hutsonville School District voted unanimously last night to hire Attorney Thomas DeVore for possible litigation.  The Board opposes the “Joint Directives” issued by Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) that include wearing masks, temperature checks, and occupancy limits.

The Edgar County Watchdogs have video of the meeting that can be seen from this link:  https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/hutsonville-schools-hires-attorney-devore-for-possible-litigation-v-idph-and-isbe-re-covid-directives

h/t a reader

Two stories concerning the health effects of wearing a mask:





6 thoughts on “1st Public School District fights back

  1. Looks like my kids will be missing a lot of school. There are only 2 reasons they should wear masks (barring Halloween or the like) – 1) The mask is needed because they are sick and don’t want to infect others, in which case they should simply stay home. or 2) The school environment poses a significant threat to their health, in which case it makes more sense for them to stay home.

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    1. So with this particular virus, when and how long was your child infected and how many did they in turn infect before your child showed an illness. Sure that is your child, but it might be mine that yours infects innocently. Wear a mask.


      1. Wearing a mask provides an infinitesimal amount of protection if any. You’d do just as well wearing garlic around your neck. Stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

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  2. I’m more concerned about the negative side effects of wearing a mask than my child contracting and spreading COVID. Temperature checks on the way in AND the way out. Other than that treat every day like it’s flu season. The data I’ve seen suggests kids are not likely to contract or spread.

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  3. Remember when wearing a mask would put the guard on full alert if walking into a bank? How aout the clowns a couple of years ago? The masks in fact prohibit good breathing and inhibit oxygen intake. Duh. Since this whole stupid controlla plandemic started I think I’ve worn a mask three times. Never again!

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  4. Wearing a mask IS a joke, and carries more germs then it prevents! NOT to mention that it’s ALL about BIG BUSINESS! Hand sanitizer, masks, etc can NOW be at the front of EVERY store. Let me ask you this.. I saw a woman wearing a mask at the store handle no less then 2 dozen tomatoes BEFORE she picked out ONE! You think wearing a mask will keep you healthy after that? What IF she don’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom? Never mind this covid democrat virus. You wait until December and it”l be as GONE as the Pantagraph from last week.
    Speaking of the Pantagraph, have you seen one lately? I saw one at the store today. MAYBE 15 pages in it. WHAT a joke for a paper.


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