Celebrating death

By:  Diane Benjamin

21 Quotes by Margaret Sanger that Will Probably Make You Sick:


Oh, Sanger founded Planned Parenthood.  PP exists to do abortions, there isn’t any money in birth control.  Chair of the McLean County Democrat Party:


ikita killing babies

5 thoughts on “Celebrating death

  1. So, she’s all for the murder of black (and white) babies. Sick. These leftists need to be flushed out of city and county government.


  2. Margaret Sanger, part of the ilk that has helped to keep the black folk closer to the plantation. Nikita Richards, local lemming with the democrat party no clue. Nikita should spend some time with ex-congresswoman Cythia McKinney or Candace Owens, perhaps Thomas Sowell and escape the scourge of the demonrats.

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