We are all racist. Don’t worry though – it’s meaningless

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another election year, more racists.  It is nothing more than a deflection of real issues.  We know Black Lives only Matter as a talking point.  Black Lives obviously don’t Matter in Chicago.  They also don’t matter if you don’t vote Democrat, Biden told us.

Thinking about running for local office as a voice of common sense?  Get ready – you will be labeled a racist.  Since that is the only tool in the radical box they will contrive, twist, or make up their own facts to make you immaterial.  It’s intimidation, a tactic they have used numerous times before.  Since they don’t want voices of reason heard, they will act like vindictive junior high kids not wanting you in the “cool kids club”.  Unfortunately the media will play along.

Does that mean don’t run?  Do you like socialism?  Like redistribution of your wealth?  Think police should be defunded?   Like the chaos that would create?  Like hearing America is an evil country?  Like being told your opinion doesn’t matter?  What to live in “chop” Bloomington?

Of course you need to run, just be ready for the attacks.  Radicals don’t play fair because they have too much to lose.  They think this is their time and they aren’t going to let it go to waste.  Candidates committed to a civil society based on the Constitution will have support to counter the leftist attacks.  You just need to be strong enough to stand up to their nonsense.

Two Social Justice warrior candidates have announced they are running for the Bloomington City Council.  Social Justice is code for abolish capitalism then take your stuff and give it to people who don’t have as much.  Of course the police need abolished since laws prevent the forced redistribution.  Of course they won’t say the truth, they will say they believe in “equality”.  Ask them how that is achieved without the above.  They have to diminish some to raise others.  People and businesses will flee!

Anybody think local candidates are announcing 10 months before the election to deflect from the elections in November? 

County Board radicals face election in November.  They are busy selling their false agenda too, they think they scrubbed social media.  (Ha)

The latest guy to announce for Bloomington City Council should make you take your kids out of public schools.  Don’t forget about Nikki Mauer – NCHS Assistant principal:  https://blnnews.com/2020/06/04/another-reason-to-home-school/

Patrick Lawler is a teacher at NCHS.  He and Nikki are probably best buddies.  The first strike against him is he claims to listen to the voices of his students who want change.  There is a reason “kids” can’t vote until they are 18.  According to science their brains aren’t done developing until they reach 25, if you are a parent you might agree it’s even later.  Children can have opinions, but they have no life experience to base them on and they sure aren’t being taught real history, so basing a decisions to run for office on what change kids want is ludicrous.  Besides, we’ve seen “Hope and Change”, it wasn’t pretty.

Lawler wants to be an “agent for change”.  That’s code for “My opinions are superior to yours, therefore my change is better than allowing you to run your own life”.  He’s all about equality – another code word for socialism because capitalism just doesn’t work.  He’s all in with Black Lives Matter, YWCA, and Planned Parenthood.

Lawler is against TIF’s – the only thing I agree with him on.  He wants to “work with mental health providers”, whatever that means.  He could teach real American history and improve the mental health of kids instantly.  Lawler didn’t have to use the words “social justice” to know who he is.  He doesn’t think equality is earned.  He wants government to make people equal.  If he moved to a socialist country he would see it doesn’t work, everybody except those in charge are equally miserable.

Think of Lawler and Kelby Cumpston like the guys who voted to build the Coliseum.  They considered themselves much smarter than you.  The arena was going to be great and never cost you a dime.  BLM, Democrat Socialist, and Illinois People’s Action candidates think they have answers everybody needs.  Their un-American values will make the Coliseum blunder look like kindergarten.

Everything stated about Lawler came from one article:  wglt.org/Teacher-Announces-Bloomington-City-Council-Bid

Unit 5 is infected with anti-American values, just like Illinois State University.  https://blnnews.com/2020/06/02/dietz-social-justice-is-an-isu-priority/

School Board elections are next April too.  Who wants to take back the schools?

Capitalism is the fairest and most successful economic model in the history of the world.  Abolishing it is about CONTROL.  The guys who voted to build the Coliseum are the same people who want that control now.

People who believe in America needs to stand up and run.  You won’t want to live in what radicals have planned.

9 thoughts on “We are all racist. Don’t worry though – it’s meaningless

  1. Lawler and Crumpston need to be asked if they are going to defer decisions to Jenn Carrillo based on the philosophy of intersectionality which I am sure they probably embrace.
    Jenn checks a lot of boxes. Lesbian, female and Hispanic. Lawler and Cumpston both appear to be white unless they are .00001 percent Cherokee . Of course in fairness to them they may also be gay or bi sexual.
    According to intersectionality Jenn knows truths that Lawler and Crumpston will never know about our society because she is female, lesbian, and Hispanic. Lawyer and Crumpston were born into the world with White Privilege and therefore are not capable of seeing or understanding the truths that Jenn has been victimized with in our community her entire existence.
    Intersectionality demands that Lawler and Crumpston shut up and listen and believe what Jenn says and it accept it as truth. Jenn’s views must not be questioned and Logic, Science and Reason are not allowed to be applied to her beliefs since those were predominantly all created by white men in western civilization who once again are incapable of knowing real truths about our world.

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  2. I know of no one who believes ALL republicans are racist

    What is obvious is that the RACISTS believe that and vote as you do

    Birds of a feather?


  3. I don’t live in Bloomington but I do work and shop in Bloomington. I beg good conservatives to run and help save this great community. I’m happy to financially help support good candidates

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  4. Since defunding/abolishing is currently all the rage, I propose that we instead defund school systems. You shouldn’t be held to paying for something you 100% do not support. I don’t want anyone paying the salaries of these marxists to brainwash the next generations into death and destruction. They’ve now brainwashed teenagers into having marches against other teenagers and demanding they be expelled for their speech. This is wrong on so many levels.

    So I say, DEFUND UNIT 5. And before anyone wonders, yes, I am mostly serious.

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  5. If All Lives Matter is a problem for the people of Black Lives Matter then is this the begining of Black Supremacy?


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