Another Reason to Home School – White Privilege

By:  Diane Benjamin

white priv

If you read John Kass’s column from yesterday’s story, he reported all the suburban women with “white privilege” signs in the yards are arming themselves because the looting didn’t stay in Chicago.

Want to know why your kids think socialism is great?

Meet Nikki Mauer:


nchs assoc princ

Nikki used her Copy and Paste skills to send an email to all these area leaders:



How many other socialists are teaching your kids?

I wonder if other staff at NCHS feel they are forced to work in a hostile environment?  What are the repercussions of not agreeing with the associate principal?

I wonder how Nikki explains the black people who function well in society without any of the above?

How about defunding Unit 5?







14 thoughts on “Another Reason to Home School – White Privilege

  1. This Periscope from Candice Owens is 16 minutes long and needs to be watched by everyone (even though it is aimed at black Americans)

    She says it like it is…

    FYI – It appears to only work from a mobile device – it seems that Periscope is blocking it on the PC.

    You can listen to it on a PC (audio only) if you let it open for a few minutes (it will eventually start playing)


    1. Thanks for sharing but it means nothing to the lemmings in this town. BN will continue to decline as the invasion from Chicago will be ramped up ten fold. Just like the naive and frankly, stupid local educator that Diane highlights in this story. People in today’s society and braindead. Once my generation dies off, America will die with it. The younger generation are too fascinated with their electronic toys to care about how they are being controlled by outside forces that want to destroy their futures and this country. This article illustrates what happens to a nation when its history is no longer taught to the next generation. It was all intentional. You see the results in schools, the workplace and in the streets.

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      1. There is something going on here that is really great cause for hope. I will try to elaborate on this later after my work (yes I said the work word).


  2. Diane: I have never, nor will I, ever give up on the concept of America. However, I believe the day is nearer than most believe that a necessary cleansing of sort to the minds of its citizens will have to be done be reinstating the lost principles of her founders. I really don’t know how to accomplish it but it will be the job of a future generation not yet born. As far as my family is concerned, we have been and always will be survivors mainly by striving to be our best and doing it with humble dignity. I am not worried about them. That said, I have given up on a large portion of humanity. Those that choose to not help themselves do not merit salvation.

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