You are being deceived

By:  Diane Benjamin

Where is the violence across the country happening?  Mostly Democrat run cities frequently with black mayors, black police chiefs, and other black officials.  The violence has nothing to do with justice.

Think WHITES aren’t victims of bad cops?  See this video of police killing a WHITE handcuffed man who called them for help.  Those officers were still on the force – this happened in 2016, the story is from July of 2019.  The police had been covering up the details.

There are BAD cops.  Police departments need to weed out the BAD cops.  The majority of police sign up to preserve and protect, they need a way to expose the bad cops without repercussions.  The looting and destruction happening now has nothing to do with George Floyd, he was just a catalyst.

This has everything to do with the 2020 election.

The left is desperate to get rid of Donald Trump because of what they know is coming.  If your media doesn’t tell you what that is you are being deceived.  The Obama gang testified under oath behind closed door years ago there was no link between Trump and Russia.  You weren’t told.  Democrats then hired Mueller to distract the country for two years while those same people proclaimed “we’ve got him” to the media.  It was all lies.

I fully expect hate comments – don’t bother, I will delete them.

If you want to remain stupid, that is a choice you are making.

We are in the end game as to whether the Constitution and rule of law still matter.  If Donald Trump is not re-elected all of the investigations will be stopped.   The great economy was stopped overnight and the riots and looting began just when re-opening was happening – because of November.  If Biden wins the truth will never be told and those responsible for illegal acts will never be held accountable.  It’s all been orchestrated.

Enter socialist Jenn Carrillo.  She wrote this on Facebook.  Think she cares about laws and the Constitution:

carr blm rant 1carr blm rant 2

We are in a WAR Jenn between people who believe in a civil society and those who want anarchy.  You have called for abolishing the police.  Close to 100% of the country agreed with what happened to George Floyd was despicable and the officers should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Your selective outrage means that narrative had been destroyed.

People allow themselves to feel rage and pain, they have been taught in falling schools they are victims.  Victim-hood only occurs to people who allow themselves to be victims.  We do not live in a racist country has evidenced by the 1000-1500 people of all colors who showed up for the NAACP rally.  How many didn’t agree with your comments Jenn?

Jenn gleefully reports Trump wanted to shoot peacefully protesters.  The ones that burned a church Jenn?  There is destruction all over Washington DC by “peaceful protesters”.

Windows and merchandise can not always be replaced Jenn.  Businesses will close because they have had enough after being locked down for months and now have been vandalized.

Why would any business want to locate in Bloomington Normal when a pretend city leader promotes and approves of violence?  I hope you get video of putting “my body on the line”.  The looters don’t care any more about your opinion than they cared about Mayor Renner wanting to talk.  Renner did the right thing by using “war-like tactics” to stop the looting.  It’s called enforcing the laws Jenn and that’s what people pay taxes for.   Unfortunately the looters were encouraged by police not stopping the looting the first night.

This isn’t about George Floyd – it’s about making laws immaterial.  Is that the country most of us want to live in?

I hope you are able to read this piece from John Kass of the Chicago Tribune.  Unlike Renner, the northern Illinois elected have lost control of their former supporters:







26 thoughts on “You are being deceived

  1. Her views on personal property rights are what the current Democrat party are pushing. It is a part of the throwaway mindset and nothing inanimate matters because the government will provide what is needed BS. It scares me that Biden is saying the same thing.

    I have beed a pretty solid Democrat over the years, but this has opened my eyes to vote for anyone but a Democrat in the next election.

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    1. Don’t worry, I think you will have plenty of company. I myself left about 10 years ago, and while I have voted for a Democrat here and there over the past 10 years, usually when there was little choice, I will never be voting for one again, if they are running against a RINO, that line will simply not be bothered with at all.

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  2. The Dallas PD was so corrupt at that point, and may still be, that they told Tony Timpa’s mother that they found him like that under a park bench. I watched a press conference she did and she almost couldn’t contain her rage at certain points. These “protests” are the biggest race baiting sham I’ve ever seen, perpetuated by hypocrites and liars..

    A 77 year old retired police officer with 40+ years of service was shot and killed outside a pawn shop he was trying to help protect in his neighborhood close to St. Louis. He was black. So much for Black Lives Matter.

    As for Ms.Carillo, you say we need to be intentional with our words, yet you were recorded using language meant to divide people further into groups, rather than bring us together as AMERICANS. Your hypocrisy is duly noted.


    1. I’m surprised she didn’t use the “our fellow citizens are not our enemy” line that is becoming popular on the left, but here’s the deal – when it is FELLOW CITIZENS who are burning and destroying buildings, looting stores, attacking people both in and out of their vehicles, burning and turning over and destroying cars both cop and non cop, and hurling projectiles they are indeed the enemy and must be dealt with as such – get a clue Jenn, and all of the rest of you who have been dulled/lulled into a place where you don’t even know right from wrong, you are on the WRONG side.

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    2. The retired cop in St. Louis is just collateral damage for the cause when it comes to the local radicals. Besides he played for the other side so who cares if he was black and had a family? Everyone knows Jenn and her fellow travelers are anarchists. Let’s see how concerned they are about the shooting last night on Washington St. if political hay can’t be made. Her team is comprised of twenty-something and under dunderheads that get off on mob violence. They’re lives are a wreck so they want to wreck other lives in return.

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      1. Unfortunately you are correct about how they view those that die who don’t support them as collateral damage. Those black lives don’t matter to them.

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  3. So Bloomington residents. It is up to you to show up in force and demand that Jen be removed and at the very least censored! I urge you to take a stand and be heard!

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  4. From Mark Alexander today at the Patriot Post. “In fact, on the Memorial Day weekend of George Floyd’s death, there were seven black-on-black murders in Baltimore alone — about which you didn’t hear anything because those deaths don’t fit the Demos’ political narrative. Or, to put it more bluntly, those black lives don’t matter to the Left.”

    I call BS on you Jenn. For you to say looters and burners were incited to it by unprovoked attacks by the police is just an outright lie. I have seen video after video of looters without a policeman in sight.

    A curious thought. The Floyd family has to have huge problem trying to find room for all of the TVs, electronics, clothing, bedding, and even Legos being stolen to protest the Floyd murder. That’s what this is about, right? (sarcasm)

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  5. “Language matters.” Listen to Jenn dog-whistle at Sunday’s rally sponsored by NAACP. She used the word “violence” at least 10 times during her scripted diatribe. As an elected official, she lacked the integrity to quiet the crowd so Chief Donath could address them.
    Her shameful behavior since elected should have been “nipped in the bud” rather than providing the excuse, “she is young and still learning.” She is an out of control, narcissistic POC who is promoting more harm to the vulnerable residents of this community than the people she is blaming.

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  6. Jenn Carillo needs to be removed from the Bloomington City Council NOW. She is an outrageous community activist agitator who is deliberately inciting violence. Period.

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  7. It’s amazing that Diane can access videos and social media rants of this radical creature and others but yet no radio or TV station station or newspaper cannot? What more proof does anyone need that either the media is totally incompetent or are complicits in wanting to destroy civil American society? You can bet this would be all over the local media if some other politician of a different stripe were talking like this. The Fourth Estate has been dead for quite a while. Nice job guys and girls. Everyone knows you read this blog regularly.

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    1. Totally incompetent with no journalistic standards beyond having news as a filler between commercials $$$.
      John Kass has always been excellent. He had a radio show on WLS a few years back that got cut due to ratings. Another example of the apathy that exists in the public. The things Kass took on in the paper and radio were hot. In a way I am surprised in Chicago he has been able to survive without physical harm.

      Locally the apathy that exists is the reason why Jenn can do the damage she has and continues to do unchecked.
      Locally the talking heads in media have one major concern. Tripping over the Snuggle commercial “cuddly” bear on their run to kiss local politicians’.butts..

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  8. Why does Jenn hate healthcare workers. Just two weeks ago she wanted everyone to stay home because people might die and we are putting healthcare workers at risk.

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  9. Totally incompetent? Well hell yes! Where is NSA when you need them? What good are they if they WILL NOT listen in on these contact calls to be ready and shut this violence down? Why collect all that date on innocent folks while letting these types go free about their violent business. The USA has ALL KINDS of listening devices, cameras, LRAD and on and on that the USA taxpayers have paid for. Time to get some of that merchandise out and start using it for what we were told they were going to use it for. BPD knew those busses of aggitators were on their way here. Why not meet them and escort them in and out of town? Pull them over for not signaling or a brake light out. Old tactic, use it. BPD could also ask for volunteers of a bunch of good old boys in pick up trucks to be part of the parade. How can busloads of people be practicing social distancing. Planned and scripted folks. Bring on the fear and beg a crooked government to take away more of your rights to protect you. There is way too many missed opportunities to let three busloads of people take over our town for a night. It’s ludicrous. That’s my twenty-two cents worth.

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  10. One would think, Misters Renner, Gleason, and Knapp would have enough to seek Carillo’s removal from her role as Ward 6’s representative. We do not need her hate speech to incite riots and property destruction.

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  11. Yes Jenn windows and doors can be replaced. That said, what’s the attraction to be a thief to attain big screen tv sets and other stuff that doesn’t belong to you? They’re just material objects. And then there is the sticky point of, who do you steal it from? Why were people looting neighborhoods? This old lady was about scared half to death. Some people don’t have insurance ya know? Your acceptance of this total disregard for the rule of law is exactly the problems that people in socialist countries seek to escape. Jenn you are seriously a very confused young woman.

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  12. AFAIK, there has been no damage in downtown Bloomington despite several daytime protest rallies being held there. Have the agitators in the looting and rioting crowd gotten the word that area is off-limits because of Jenn representing that ward?.

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  13. Sadly you are correct. Black lives lost due to black on black crime don’t matter to them. Instead they sweep them under the rug like an ugly family secret.


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