Dietz: Social Justice is an ISU priority

By:  Diane Benjamin

ISU President Dietz spoke at the NAACP rally.  The only video I can find is posted is on the WEEK 25 Facebook page.  Unless you are on Facebook you won’t be able to see it.  He only spoke for a few minutes.  His comments ended with ISU is committed to social justice.

This is one definition of what social justice means:

social justice

If President Dietz really wants Social Justice he can start with one thing:

School Choice

No child anywhere in America should be stuck in a failing school that doesn’t provide a quality education.  Education provides a path to success, those opposed are the true oppressors.

There is only one political party that opposes school choice.  Why would democrats oppose providing opportunities to every child?  For the same reason they refuse to support clean elections with Voter ID?

True Social Justice starts with equipping every citizen with the tools to succeed.  Unless President Dietz calls for School Choice as part of social justice his words are meaningless.

That brings me to ISU graduate, City of Bloomington employee, and head of the local Democrat party – Nikita Richards:

Nikita Richards


Is Nikita trying to start a race war? 

Does Bloomington have an ethics code for employees?  



10 thoughts on “Dietz: Social Justice is an ISU priority

  1. Dietz is the kind of phoney academic that would give a minority cab driver a dollar tip and think he improved the guy’s life while he retires to his penthouse suite. Richards’ act is already old. She could care less that a guy she didn’t even know in Minnesota is dead. All she knows it gives her another opportunity to grandstand to promote her political career that in reality, doesn’t even exist.

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  2. Totally agree MPeabody. HCC is appearing to get further up the social justice by hiring a diversity coordinator. I wonder if an old fart applied, would they considerated for the elderly population?

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  3. Priorities! Dietz should make his own bed before he tries to change the world with his virtual signaling. How much of a drop in enrollment (and tuition dollars) will ISU experience this fall, especially with social distancing and possible remote classes after Thanksgiving? Start cutting now, Dietz, the state is going to have to cut funding. The gravy train is going to come to a halt.

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  4. So at least 10 years of progress for Black Americans (maybe even more) has been erased in less than 4 days.

    My questions are simple:

    How many businesses in urban areas will be hiring black males and females in the coming months/years?

    And if you have evidence on your social media account that you were part of the rioting madness will you be hired by anyone?

    And if you are a white Antifa member with social media evidence of your acts of anarchy and destruction will anyone in the future want to hire you?

    And if you are currently a member of Antifa will you EVER be able to lead a normal life after you have been part of what will soon be a “domestic terrorist organization”?

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  5. what was the unemployment rate for Blacks during Trump admin before the c virus? Well below that of the Obama admin. So which President cared and helped blacks?

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