What was Jenn Carrillo doing?

By:  Diane Benjamin

h/t: a reader

WGLT was also Live-Streaming the NAACP event.  At almost the end Jenn was on video pulling what appears to be a box of matches from her bag, taking one out of the box, attempting to light it, and then turning her back to the camera.

Below are screen shots from the video, note she starts without the mask, then puts it on:

reach 1reach 2 maskreach 3 matchesreach 4 take one outreach 5reach 6

If you want to see the video, look for this on the WGLT Facebook page:

wglt live

Jenn’s antics are close to the end. 

Why would she be lighting a match in the middle of a crowd?  


18 thoughts on “What was Jenn Carrillo doing?

  1. Congrats Bloomington voters! This is your “leadership”. How many businesses are going to want to move to Bloomington-Normal or expand their business within the community? Bloomington-Normal should be in prime position to lure businesses from Chicago, but have made sure to squander that golden opportunity with the inflammatory antics (no pun intended) of Jenn and friends.

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  2. “Seriously officer, I really don’t know how they got in my purse. My girlfriend must have put them in my bag after she got lighting smelly candles in our apartment. I don’t even use wooden matches. I have a lighter I use for my cigarettes and bong.”

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      1. It was outside, woman. There were people smoking cigarettes and prolly some who hadn’t washed in days. Jen wasn’t even the only one to burn incense. She was trying to calm the situation.


  3. Since all this has happened, I see Illinois People’s Action has reinvented itself as a “faith- based organization” according to its website. You and I both know they are behind the promotion of the violence and looting as well as other organizations, I guess now in the name of God. These people are beyond despicable.

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  4. Incense? Lol, that’s what pot smokers say brah. No worries, it’s just incense my man. Lighting incense in a crowd, lol. Hey btw how come no social distancing in that crowd?

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  5. She is a disgrace to the city.
    A disgrace to the citizens of this city.
    Not representative of the city or her ward and that is disgraceful.
    She is a disgrace to and trampled on the oath and the Constitutions she swore to.
    Her disgraceful actions are negligent ,dangerously close to unlawful and incite hate, division , civil unrest and domestic terrorism that endangers the health, safety and welfare of citizens.
    Her removal from office is necessary, justified and should be swift.

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  6. Mary Jane, there were people wearing masks in the crowd. So no social distancing required. Your eyes must have socially distanced themselves from your brain.

    John Reed, get a girlfriend or start caring about your wife.. You are on here way too much.


  7. I think there is a race happening. Winner is the 1st to get charges brought against this Marxist or watch her be lead away in coffee by ICE.


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