Illinois needs to tax retirement income

By:  Diane Benjamin

Those aren’t my words – Democrat Illinois Treasurer Mike Frerichs stated that.  Of course he claims only the “high income” earners will be the victims.

Since Democrats don’t believe in learning from history, somebody should tell them that people don’t hang around a state to get their money stolen by taxation.  Every state that has attempted to squeeze the rich have seen the rich leave.  That leaves you and me to fund illegal aliens, unaffordable pensions, medicaid (free abortions),  and redistribution of wealth.

See this story:

Of course Assistant Fuhrer Fredrichs is talking about the progressive income tax on the ballot in November.   Democrats never have enough money.  Complete control takes more money every year.  Eventually even Social Security will be taxed if the progressive income tax passes in November.

Unless you plan to move YOU MUST defeat this fleece of taxpayers.  The media isn’t going to tell you the truth.  AFSCME is actively campaign for the democrat’s plan.

You need to spread the truth.

You should know by now anything with “progressive” in the name is a threat to your freedom, liberty, and of course money.







5 thoughts on “Illinois needs to tax retirement income

  1. The progressive income tax language will be full of double negatives and difficult to read/understand if you are actually voting ‘for’ or ‘against’ it!!! The same thing happened in McLean County when we voted to consolidate the Bloomington Election Commission with the McLean County Election Commission/Kathy Michael’s Office. Everyone agreed that it makes sense to do the consolation these in order to streamline the process and improve efficiencies…..BUT the language on the ballot was worded so poorly, it was unclear if yes or no was the “correct” answer.

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  2. High Income pensioners will no doubt include all those retired education administrators making over 6 figure state pensions. Will they get an exemption? Will be interesting to see if $60K or $70K is considered a high income pension. That will ensnare a huge number of other corporate pensioners and will significantly accelerate the exodus.

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  3. How abut we just tax stupid democrats, socialists, SJW’s, and have a special “gay tax” for people like Jenn, because the REST of us have to listen to HER sexual preferences. Never mind what the REST of us are. And while we’re at it, how about a “special kind of dumbass tax” on mayors who come up with the dumbest ideals since a square wheel. maybe a tax on arrogant mayors also-and double it for NOT seeing you’re in that category, and that’s not just for Koos, but ANY mayor, and LET’S extend it to ALL politicians. I COULD go on, but this would raise enough money here. No sense overtaxing the people who want free stuff anyway..


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