State Sanctioned Voter Fraud Bills

By:  Diane Benjamin

There are two bills making their way through the legislature that would promote Voter Fraud.  If this concerns you, please submit witness slips – directions below.

What the legislation will do:

Both are similar. From HB257: “Provides that for the 2020 general primary election and each election thereafter, each election authority shall mail to every registered voter within that election authority’s jurisdiction a vote by mail ballot…”

That means every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail that can be filled out, signed and returned by mail (or friend, or the stranger who offered to return it for you) without you requesting a VBM ballot.

What could go wrong with that?

Ballots will be sent to voters who should be removed from the voting roles—Given the fact that in April of 2017 Judicial Watch sent letters to 11 states, including Illinois, warning that they had counties with more registered voters than adult residents (based on census data), odds are some vote-by-mail ballots will be sent to residents where the registered voter no longer lives. Illinois counties with more voters than adults are: Alexander, Bureau, Cass, Clark, Crawford, DuPage, Franklin, Grundy, Hardin, Henderson, Jefferson, Jersey, Massac, McHenry, Mercer, Monroe, Pulaski, Rock Island, Sangamon, Scott, Union, Wabash, Washington, and White.

Chain of Custody for ballots—who has possession of the ballots during the entire process, (a private firm) can ballots be excluded from being processed, can ballots be harvested or bought?

Lack of Security—are the ballots secured so that no tampering can result?

Complete Privatization of the Electoral Process—Centralized voting of all absentee ballots, creation of algorithms to determine correct signature match

No Audit of the Vote—Absentee (or Vote-by-mail) ballots are not subject to post-election audits

Lack of transparency—the public no longer has access to witnessing the electoral process before, during and after the election

Bill # with Witness Slips Links & Information about each bill

HB 195

HB 257

Witness Slip Instructions

Please submit a witness slip as an OPPONENT of BOTH bills.

To submit each, click on the witness slip links above. Enter your personal data.

I entered

  • “self” for “Firm/Business or Agency” and “Title” since I am not representing anyone other than myself
  • Checked “Opponent” for “III. POSITION” and
  • “Record Of Appearance Only” for “IV. TESTIMONY

Written Statement

If you would like to send a written statement, please fill out the witness slip, check written statement filed and email your comments opposing the legislation to: [email protected]

7 thoughts on “State Sanctioned Voter Fraud Bills

  1. As I commented on another post a few days ago, just one more reason a Republican will NEVER be able to be elected to statewide office in Illinois ever again. Just too much voter fraud!

  2. WHAT? Voter fraud in Illinois, WHO would have thought it?? Isn’t that HOW the election process works here?
    There hasn’t been a totally HONEST election-Statewide OR local, since Abraham Lincoln..
    Yes Tari, getting your “minions” to vote for you isn’t kosher..

    1. At least electoral votes (the Electoral College) stops national voter fraud at the state line. Do away with it and CA, Il, NJ and NY FRAUD elect your next Socialist President.

  3. North Carolina District 9 is still undecided because the Republican winner is under a Criminal Investigation for Voter Fraud. They collected the mail in Votes and kept ones from Blue Districts and it worked there for years.

  4. They are going to MAIL ballots and we are to vote by MAIL. I dont know about the rest of you but letting the US postal service handle ballots is like letting a two year old handle a bomb! A disaster in the making. So what happens when ballots are lost , stolen or just stored in some postal workers basement? The answer : nothing . As someone who has experienced a lost letter, package or in my case a lost payment I can tell you getting cooperation from postal service is like pulling teeth.

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