Action NOW!

By: Diane Benjamin FOUR bills are working their way through committee you NEED to Create A Witness slip for. How to create a Witness slip: (it’s easy and fast) For IDENTIFICATION, enter your name. For REPRESENTATION you can enter “Self” unless you represent a group For POSITION, you FILL THE DOT AT “OPPOSED” or “PROPONENT” […]

Witness slips needed AGAINST Pritzker’s tax

Since you are smart enough to know Pritzker’s Progressive tax isn’t just going to raise taxes on the rich, fill out a Witness Sip against it now!  Yes, they do matter! Enter NONE for any not applicable fields. Mark OPPONENT Mark Record of Appearance Only Track the witness slips here:

State Sanctioned Voter Fraud Bills

By:  Diane Benjamin There are two bills making their way through the legislature that would promote Voter Fraud.  If this concerns you, please submit witness slips – directions below. What the legislation will do: Both are similar. From HB257: “Provides that for the 2020 general primary election and each election thereafter, each election authority shall […]