Citizens vrs Rights Deniers: the Visual

By: Diane Benjamin

HB 3337 is a bill the Town of Normal wants so they can claim a permanent right to deny citizens a voice in government.

Kevin McCarthy testified at the first hearing and claimed to represent Normal. The Council never voted, so McCarthy really represented Chris Koos.

This bill would not be necessary if Normal was operating within the law. They want a personal exemption just for themselves. It will not apply to any other municipality in Illinois.

The bill was filed by Sharon Chung – she had no idea what she was filing since she didn’t write it. This group supported the original bill. Kevin McCarthy even appeared in person claiming he represented the Town of Normal.

The Council NEVER voted!

Normal hoped to slide this past citizens. Changing the law to guarantee Normal never has to elect offices the current law requires is why they didn’t want anyone to know.

Fast forward to today. Chung just filed Amendment #3, I have no idea why. See it here:

Meanwhile the last two hours the Town has been rounding up people to file witness slips supporting the bill. Earlier they only had 13 people, as of RIGHT NOW they 29. The list of people who want to to take away your right to elect the offices of Supervisor, Clerk, Collector, and Assessor include Chris Koos, Chemberly Harris, Karyn Smith, Jeff Fritzen, Julie Hile, and Sonja Reece. See the whole list here:

The list of people opposed to this bill as of RIGHT NOW has 88 names including Stan Nord, Marc Tiritilli, Karl Sila, and a ton of citizens you might recognize. See that list here:

Names that aren’t on either list: Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston.

Figure out who believes in representative government yet? The 28 don’t believe in government For and By the People. They want to slam the door shut on citizens who are demanding laws be followed so they have a voice in Normal. This bill is Freedom vrs. Tyranny.

I will let you in on a secret. You have a representative who will be testifying at the 4:30 hearing today. More than one bill is on the agenda, I have no idea how long it will take to get to Chung’s. On the left side of this screen is a Live Audio/Video button:

Hopefully we can listen in. Witness Slips close when the hearing starts.

It sounds like on speeches from the floor are broadcast. We might have to wait for a report.


6 thoughts on “Citizens vrs Rights Deniers: the Visual

  1. Excellent explanation. We have to fight this extortion of government.

    Glad to see Scott hasn’t submitted a witness slip in support. Most stand silent in fear, others move forward due to commitment, Patriots charge forward with a boisterous roar of contempt at those mocking Liberty.

    Men and boys, girls or women can be interchanged with (most) and (Patriots). Don’t sit by as a small child and let beta’s take away your Liberties.

  2. Collaborative Solutions is a not profit. Organization that supposedly helps individuals to over come mental health issues, trama, and abuse. I’m surprised Cheryl Gains is wanting individuals not to have a voice. Seems counter intuitive to what “ her” mission statement is
    “We listen, act, and transform with your goals in mind. Hello! I have over 25 years of experience helping individuals, couples, & families work through a wide range of issues. We can work together toward healing by exploring new tools & skills to effect positive change and life improvement. If your home is more of a battleground than an oasis, I can help through a commonsense approach by dealing with issues in a real word sense. Together we can make a meaningful impact in your life. “

    Do you think she helps her domestic violence clients to be ruled over by their abusers?

  3. I looked up the third amendment, thinking she backed down because of all the heat at the town council meeting. Nope. She shortened and clarified, no longer hiding the true intent of her bill behind a bunch of legalese – ‘Other than Mayor, Normal voters will only be allowed to elect officers the Town lets them elect.’
    “(65 ILCS 5/5-2-20 new) … For the Town of Normal, a president must be elected every 4 years … with other officers to be elected or appointed as set forth by ordinance of the corporate authorities.”

    1. Like Lorenz, Gaines is a Democrat that would support her RINO friends if they were running for office. She has always been a BN Elitist Clique member in good standing. Her non- profit has always been a joke, just like the one Lorenz works for. Putting on like they work when in reality they don’t so they can spend more time ruining other people’s lives.

  4. Normal is an amazingly corrupt oligarchy. I’m actually shocked that the citizens put up with it.

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