Normal needs a PSCRB

By: Diane Benjamin

Thankfully Bloomington’s Monday meeting was short. Most of it was the annual report of the Public Safety and Community Relations Board.

The Board only had 3 cases to review for the entire year. In one case the Board made a policy recommendation the police did adopt but in all three cases the Board ruled the Bloomington Police followed policies.

The video at the bottom of this story has the presentation and council discussion. Jeff Crabill showed what citizens can expect if they elect Carrillo types (Danenberger and Hendricks) on April 4. See 13:57. Handcuffing the police increases crime as they tip-toe around enforcing laws to keep from being spectacles of the far left. Jenn Carrillo wasn’t successful as an alderman so she quit early. With Crabill leaving the far left is trying two more candidates. If Ward 4 and Ward 6 don’t show up in force to vote, Council meetings will be back to being a clown show.

Having a PSCRB helps make sure the Bloomington Police don’t cross lines they shouldn’t. Normal doesn’t have one. Not having oversight by an impartial board led to the video below. Lots of context is missing because the video begins mid-confrontation. It has also led to a Federal Lawsuit at the expense of Normal taxpayers against the Normal Police Department:

This video DOES make the Normal police look bad. They don’t have a warrant for the phone so they take it with Taylor Brown ending up handcuffed on the ground. Charges were never filed against her. She thought she was at the station to be interviewed about a fire. The video never states why the police wanted her phone, she is talking to her mother in Chicago who other sources have said is a police officer.

Bloomington’s PSCRB is independent. If Normal formed one is wouldn’t be because independent isn’t allowed in Normal. Koos thinks he is the only person who can appoint and Council must approve his secret appointments.

Here’s a better idea. The PSCRB has open positions. It was enacted during the Carrillo days when the far left thought they could use it attack the police. When that didn’t work out some members left. Bloomington and Normal should get together and make the PSCRB an oversight group for both cities. Of course that will never happen as long as Normal has no interest in anything but protecting their thiefdom. Koos and Reece wouldn’t want to lose dominance of the police department by exposing their work to real citizen oversight.

FYI: The Normal Police investigation into electioneering is over. Of course they didn’t recommend charges since Koos and company want the tax increase. Instead Normal used their media mouthpiece to attack Stan Nord. In Koosville elected officials aren’t allowed to actually represent citizens:

Police should be independent of the mayor and city manager. In Normal they aren’t and therefore laws are whatever the police are told they are.

Watch the PSCRB presentation from Monday and Council discussion below – just hit play:

9 thoughts on “Normal needs a PSCRB

  1. Unfortunately in Normal, chris koos and pam reece are in charge. The NPD takes orders from those two.

  2. Normal may want to reimpose the vehicle use tax that they just eliminated. They will need proceeds from that tax plus much more to settle the law suits arising from the Taylor Brown arrest.

  3. Your in the police station I cant understand why people dont do what police say. Right or wrong. Wrong sue them, You fight like a snake you just going to get hurt and your ass is going to jail

  4. This board can keep listening to 3 cases a year as long as no powers are given to them such as subpoena power. Internal investigations work as shown. Let’s not have council members that still believe that they should be in charge of policing…such as Craybill the Clown. One of those candidates still needs to explain his military history…and one is just another clown like Craybill but we shall call him Cody the Clown.

  5. Pam Reece weaponized the NPD as her tool to enforce her personal political leaning for COVID recommendations on restaurants who dared to let people eat inside and distanced. These restaurants were operating the same way as many others throughout the state. At least one of the restaurants that Pam ordered the police to harass was operating in compliance and communication with the McLean County Health Department. Oh, and only days before she orders the police out she told the council and public, at a recorded council meeting, that COVID complaints would be sent to the Health Department to address. The was a lie.

    Pam Reece needs removed from any influence over law enforcement or ability to use them to force her politics on others.. Pam Reece is making the NPD look bad.

  6. This is nothing new for a town normal. I have seen my own family rough house forced phones removed no warrant. I personally was threatened by a police officer Who said I had no right Appeal a sentence that his arrest was good. He was at my office with his hand on his gun not 3′ from me intimidating me. I escorted him in front of other people out of my office it was frightening and he left.Mayor Kòos once told me during a professional meeting between the company I worked for and town of normal that no criminals would be removed from the property I was managing they knew where they were at and they would come and get them when they wanted them meaning the police. I told him they would be in his backyard the following year and walked out. I called in the Federal Marshals and we removed the criminals. I’m not afraid to stand up I will speak out and you can share this.

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