What Happened with the Chung bill:

By: Diane Benjamin

There wasn’t a hearing on HB 3337 yesterday because Sharon Chung filed an amendment to the bill. That means it has to go back to the Rules Committee before being heard at the Counties and Townships Committee.

The amendment was a stall tactic, it didn’t change anything. Maybe she saw the Witness Slip count and decided to delay. 30 people sign her bill in support, 108 signed against it. 1 person signed with no position. See the count here: https://ilga.gov/legislation/Witnessslip.asp?LegDocId=186620&DocNum=3337&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=148499&GAID=17&SessionID=112&GA=103&SpecSess=&Session=&WSType=NOPOS

Proving their RINO character, Kathleen Lorenz and Scott Preston filed no opinion either way. The only currently elected representative who signed opposed was Stan Nord. All other elected officials in Normal signed in support.

Bottom line: Normal is afraid a court will rule they are acting illegally. According to current Illinois law they are. When
City Manager form of government was adopted in the 1970’s it was controversial and went to court. A judge stated then it needed clarified.

Normal doesn’t want to follow current law so they want the law changed before pesky citizens go back to court. They are using Chung to get the State to change the law that applies only to Normal. Pam Reece wants to keep her job and pass it down when she retires to a clone. Koos has his trained clone – Kevin McCarthy. This is all about protecting the kingdom, not representing citizens.

Unless citizens raise a ton of money to get to a court that actually looks at facts, this won’t go back. GoFundMe anyone?

All those Witness Slips are now going to be ignored because Chung filed her amendment. We need to watch this site for when the Rules Committee moves it back to the Counties and Townships Committee. https://ilga.gov/legislation/billstatus.asp?DocNum=3337&GAID=17&GA=103&DocTypeID=HB&LegID=148499&SessionID=112

When the hearing is scheduled we need people testifying in person and filing Witness Slips again in opposition. It would be better if Chung gave up and pulled the bill.

Sharon has the opportunity to prove who she represents: Voters or Government

Ask her which one and how long she wants the job. She has to run every two years.

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