West-side Crime at Public Comment

By:  Diane Benjamin

The video of last night’s Council meeting claims to be 34:26 long.  Since the meeting didn’t start until almost 14:00, the meeting was incredibly short.  I wonder if the budget will be passed in 10 minutes too?

Karen Kinsella, a west-side rental property owner, addressed the Council about the recent increase in violent crime.  She stated her tenants are scared and property values will be affected is something isn’t done.  She even named specific addresses where the trouble is emanating.  She wasn’t there to blame anyone, she only pleaded for more to be done.  I applaud her for going public.  Just hit play below to hear her comments.

The letters sent to local businesses demanding they register were never mentioned.  I know some aldermen were contacted by business owners.  The alderman were not aware that registration could take hours.  This proves yet again the alderman represent the City, not taxpayers.  The on-line registration is not what they voted for, but disagreeing in public wouldn’t look good, so they kept it quiet.  Maybe business people can appear at the next Council meeting.  Not standing up for yourself means you get run over.  The City is proving they are anti-business, just like the State of Illinois.

You are getting a Technology Committee.  Evidently they will be asked to predict the future.  That reminds me of when the City built fire station #5 and never used it.  They predicted lots of people and businesses would locate to the SW side.  They were wrong, but gambling with other people’s money is okay.   This discussion starts around 26:00 with the City Manager and then Jamie Mathy.  This may lead to more transparency, it needs to stop there.  The progressives won’t however, they despise letting the free markets solve problems.


6 thoughts on “West-side Crime at Public Comment

  1. The solution to the West Side violence will be to punish law-abiding gun owners. We’ll hear talk about gun control, gun registration, the “wealthy” having to pay their “fair share” to get these criminals out of poverty, etc.. Because it’s easier to parrot leftist talking points than to really address the issues.


      1. Rather than Chief Hefner vs current Chief Wheeler let’s not forget the double and triple homicides last year on the east side. There’s crime all over this town and it has proceeded from getting worse to getting even more worse and worse ever since Brady and Markowitz built and welcomed more Sect. 8 housing. The seeds sown many years ago compliments of welcoming former residents of Chicago’s Cabrini Green. There’s no turning back the hands of time at this point.


  2. YES STANKY! Judy DID bring those “troublemakers” down from Chicago, and WHY? For MORE federal funding. I bet she NEVER took the time to THINK it through, that it would cost MORE in the long run, due to increased violence (hence more police detective time consumed) more policing, lowered property values and damaged/stolen property. Did she EVER stop to think WHY Cabrini Green closed? They had basically turned it into a “war zone” so now, it’s dispersed ALL OVER the state, instead of just in a small area of Chicago.


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