Election Recap

By:  Diane Benjamin

Congrats Illinois.  Democrats are in complete control.  Will somebody please name one place where Democrats have allowed prosperity.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Democrats create dependents, not a vibrant growing economy.   Illinois will collapse under the weight of politicians who refuse to fix the problems.

Likely it is too late to leave Illinois since property values are already falling.  They will continue to fall as taxes are raised by Pritzker/Madigan.  Corruption will go un-prosecuted by design.  Nothing is going to fix Illinois until it completely destructs on its own.  With Democrats in control, it shouldn’t take too long.  Pensions and Medicaid will mean less money for schools which mean property taxes will increase.  Property values will continue to fall, you get un-affordable property taxes.

Obviously a Pantagraph endorsement is meaningless:

County results:


Kathy Michael  21,904

Nikita Richards  14,751

Bloomington results:


Kathy Michael  15,304

Nikita Richard  14,441


Michael  37,208  56%

Richards 29,192  44%

If the voters had abolished the Bloomington Election Commission, it wouldn’t be necessary to add votes together.  It failed 14,429 to 11,446.

The Republicans lost 2 seats on the County Board, but they remain firmly in control. 

I have no problem with the Democrats taking the House of Representatives since the Republicans kept the Senate.  I hope Nancy Pelosi becomes the speaker so the American people can see her fumbling for the next two years.  That will lead to a RED tsunami in 2020.  Until then it doesn’t matter what the House passes.  Gridlock will mean nothing meaningful will happen in DC, but the GOP Senate will be able to keep appointing judges.

Across the country the blue wave mostly fizzled.  Wherever the President campaigned the GOP candidates won.  I doubt the Democrats will suddenly come to their senses and accept the results of the 2016 election.  The hate for President Trump will continue.


Locally there are reports of at least 2 instances of vote-buying.  I STRONGLY urge those who are aware to pursue charges.  If we can’t trust the election process – elections are meaningless and so is the republic.

In Texas a video surfaced of an election judge admitting DACA recipients were allowed to vote.  Anybody with a driver’s license was allowed, it didn’t matter that they aren’t citizens.  Ted Cruz won anyway.







46 thoughts on “Election Recap

  1. We’ll miss Nikita, hopefully she’ll take her sidemunchkin Tari with her! Can’t wait to hear WHAT kind of idiotic nonsense comes spewing out of the Pelosi module the next two years, but you can bet it won’t make sense to most folks.. Sad that J.B. won as Gov. With him AND Madigan in charge that’s like letting the lions loose in the butcher shop-I’m confident they’ll hang themselves.. Just like Blogo..

    1. Don’t forget NRA F-rated Kwame – he’ll do his best to do his part to make Illinois even more unbearable as well – that’s like an unholy trinity right there but then Lisa Madigan was awful too, so we here in “REAL” Illinois are accustomed to being under the rule of the reptiles. I will NEVER understand people who WANT to be taxed more and more unless it’s mostly the super rich to whom it doesn’t much matter they have lawyers (and plumbers) for that sort of thing or the “benefits class” who don’t own anything or pay any taxes or fees for anything – This state is so sad, and yet it has it’s charms, If only we could divorce Chicago…

  2. I am actually mildly encouraged. The Democrats spent over $1 BILLION on the Congressional mid terms, and actually UNDER-PERFORMED the historical average. Since 1866, the opposition party in a mid term has won an average of 32 seats in the House and about 2 seats in the Senate. Not all races are called yet, but the total will almost certainly be less than 32 in the House, and the Republicans gained 3 so far in the Senate.

    If the Republicans had to lose the House majority, this was the best-case scenario. With such a narrow majority (about 10-15 seats probably) the Democrats will not be able to ignore or marginalize their avowed Socialist members. The more insanity, and ridiculous programs that are put forth, will put the fringe extremism of the “new” Democrat party on full display. I actually hope they do try to impeach the President. It will show clearly their lack of new ideas. A party that’s only platform plank is “We hate Trump because he says mean things” does not have a bright future.

  3. Those Bloomington County Clerk totals are discouraging. A candidate as radical, rabid and inherently dishonest as Nikita, clearly a plant for Illinois’ most Left-wing forces, should not have gotten over 25% of the vote. She should have been treated as a joke–a sick, pathetic joke. Instead, funded heavily by Chicago thugs, she made it a race (about race). And very nearly half of Bloomington voters fell for it. Very, very, sad. A doomed City in a doomed State.

      1. Yes, locally, and in Illinois in general, we are in serious trouble. I was born and raised here, but I am seriously considering leaving.

  4. Cry in your beer. Republicans deserved to lose. Nancy Pelosi passed more legislation that Paul Ryan. She’s one disciplined legislator who gets laws passed. Beto O Rourke and Stacey Abrams came within single digits of winning in the REDDEST states in the country!

    Trump lost bigly with women, suburbanites, independents and most importantly, the Rust Belt and their voters who crossed over to give him a shot in 2016. They caught on to the con. The margins for GOP wins were much reduced from 2016 (e.g., Cruz vs. Beto); we gained many governorships. The House is ours, and Trump’s tax returns will expose his enormous lies about his wealth, and that he “earns” his living primarily by laundering money for the Russians and other disreputable countries.

    As for Michael, she’s still under investigation for her use and destruction of government property her win might be pyrrhic at best. Your political stunt certainly didn’t pan out.

    1. Passing legislation is not an accomplishment! ObamaCare destroyed the healthcare industry and premiums continue to increase by double digits.

      Your guys lost – that’s all that matters. The same people investigating Renner are investigating Michael. Maybe in two years they will have a decision.

      1. Obamacare destroyed the healthcare industry? Gee, you got knocked on the head. Were you somehow denied healthcare because the industry was “destroyed”? I seem to have read that you were able to go to a doctor. That doesn’t sound like a “destroyed” health care industry. I was in the hospital recently and treated. No “destroyed” healthcare industry apparent there either.

        We lost? LOL. We won the House and many governorships. It now time to investigate Trump corrupt administration. I’d call that winning.

        1. I do think investigations are in order. Start with the leaks of classified information. Two can play the same game. Many governorships? Illinois was a done deal. You lost Alabama and Florida. I haven’t had time to check any others. Leftists and Hollywood lost BIG. Threw their money away.

    2. Maybe the socialists can try to go to the Supreme Court to see the greatest president in my lifetime’s private tax returns. Go cry in Kavanaugh’s beer!

      1. Lousy, you pay you taxes, right? Every single president we have had pay their taxes also. Trump doesn’t pay taxes, he’s a tax cheat. There is plenty of evidence that he is laundering money though Russian oligarchs and is beholden to Putin. I guess that’s all right with you. A president who is laughing at a chump like you who pays the taxes he doesn’t pay.

        If Trump is indicted on RICO charges I don’t think Kavanaugh will have any say in Trump punishment.

    3. Why isn’t JB being prosecuted for tax evasion? Why is JB not being prosecuted for his psrt in the sell Obama seat? JB should be in prison with Blago!!!

  5. If democrats were smart (they aren’t so it won’t matter) they woukd not allow Pelosi to be speaker. She was a big part of what happened in 2016. I agree as others say….let her be herself and that will do nothing but hurt democrats.
    I also hope (but know better) that people will notice the results of non-binding questions. No state real estate tax and term limits. But with the Judy Dome as a monument we know better. If there comes the day that a state real estate tax occurs then there has to be a state renters tax as well. It was not just the home owners of this state that got us where we are now. Too long this state and local governments have put the lion’s share of paying for schools, local services and the like on the home owner’s backs. All we are told benefit so all should pay.

      1. I know that but do not care. It is time for them to see it as a cost paid directly to government and not hidden in the cost of monthly rent checks. Maybe if these fools see it going directly to the government they might get an idea of what is really going on.

    1. WAY WAY to much except for when s/he switches over for an MSNBC fix you know to change it up a bit..By the way gravity – that’s what the House is suppossed to do really LEGISLATE it’s not there to Investigate so much – wasting tons of money on MORE ridiculous investigations of course MIGHT wake up a few of the moderate holdover types who still vote D out of sheer habit and lack of curiosity or sheer classic ignorance.

  6. Wow, just when you thought Illinois couldn’t get any worse, yes it can. Once again, as is for-eva we’re ruled by the crooks in Shitcago!

    1. We REALLY need to consider breaking away from that fetid swamp called Chicago – I think Illinois MIGHT be able to do ok if we could get shed of Chicago.

  7. “You crack me up! Ha Ha Ha. Why wasn’t Mueller produced his report? Hint: Because he has NOTHING!

    For a lot of nothing there is sure a lot of indictments and guilty pleas with long prison sentences.

    George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates. Michael Flynn, 13 Russian nationals and three Russian companies, Richard Pinedo, Alex van der Zwaan, Konstantin Kilimnik, 12 Russian GRU officers. Michael Cohen, Sam Patten.

    This doesn’t include possible charges that were handed off to the New York States Attorney and DC States Attorney for possible income tax evasion and RICO charges for Trump. Roger Stone will also be facing indictment also soon.

    “I think Illinois MIGHT be able to do ok if we could get shed of Chicago.”

    Now that’s funny! Nothing like cutting you nose off despite your face. You really want the extensive population and that massive economic engine of Chicago to “go away”? Shear stupidity.

      1. They certainly have everything to do with obstruction of justice, income tax evasion, RICO corruption charges. Not “colliding” (sic) with the Russians but conspiracy with the Russians to interfere in 2016 and the 2018 midterms. With a Democratic House, expect subpoenas and investigations into Trump’s administration’s corruption. Republican’s can’t just bury his findings.

        Collusion isn’t a legal term, obstruction of justice along with treason, which is conspiring with a foreign nationals to win an election is a crime. Mueller more than proved that the Russians were able to subvert our election in 2016.

        (Colliding? LOL, and you’re the editor and writer of this blog? Spelling and spell check is a thing, use it).

  8. JB might just be indicted before his term is out. Quinn was not indicted, neither has Renner.
    We’re overdue in this State that is pregnant with corruption.

  9. Don’t worry, Nikita will continue her race baiting and “activism” from City Hall (on our dime). She’s not going to stop running for office. McLean County will likely go blue in the next election cycle due to outmigration and the economic spiral of Bloomington-Normal.

  10. Did Richards give a post-election speech conceding to Micheals and offering congratulations? Maybe being a gracious loser is not taught at the campaign boot camp.
    Even with Renner helping with the phone bank, Richards still lost. Is Renner’s influence waning?

  11. Gravitywins, in reality gravity wins but you lose kinda like serving him (them.) Too much sugar in you kook-aid, lol. Hillary and Uranium One you’re oblivious. Trump collusion only false accusations, Mueller investigation fails. You fail. Dumb. Real dumb. Troll pay along with public assistance gives you something to do I guess keep you off the streets.

  12. I feel really proud of McLean County today. The wins we have show that our souls aren’t for sale. Chicago could not buy this community. WGLT, and The Slantagraph did everything possible to sway the vote, but the majority of voters saw through the lies and bad journalism. Much credit to You Diane for keeping them honest.

  13. I guess Gravity DIDN’T watch the EARLY ads about J. B. Pritzker and his “conversation” with NOW imprisoned Rob Blogo, you know the one where he’s “asking” about WHAT positions MIGHT be available, and ole Rob starts a veritable menu of sorts that ole J. B. would “qualify” for and we get to one he likes “YEAH, that’s the one” YEAH, Gravity, THINK about it. J.B. spent $107 million for a job that don’t pay more than $250,000 a year. YEP he CARES about YOU and Illinois. Just like you care about TRUMP.. You must be REALLY bad at math and human instincts..

  14. “Still can’t except Hillary losing! The hate for trump isn’t winning over anybody”.

    Where exactly did I mention Hillary? Nowhere. It seems Hillary is living rent free in your head. Trump’s disapproval rating hit 52.4% versus 42%. Trump again lost the popular vote yesterday with the 18-25 age range voting against him. I guess his message of xenophobia, racism, and lack of moral leadership and division isn’t that winning. MORE half of this country doesn’t like what he doing in his job.

    Just wait until the debt and deficit along with tariffs tank the economy. The federal budget deficit will reach $1 trillion in 2019, roughly $101 billion more than previously projected. That also means deficits will top $1 trillion a year earlier than under previous projections from the Congressional Budget Office. And the tide of red ink is only expected to grow taller in the future. That’s all on Trump.

    1. Forget the 9+ trillion obama added! Your attitude makes it obvious what motivates you. I’m tired of playing games with leftists just wanting to argue. Don’t bother coming back. I have a delete button and will.use it.

    2. “Just wait until the debt and deficit along with tariffs tank the economy. … That’s all on Trump.”
      Just wait until all the IOUs for extra-Constitutional entitlements and welfare programs come due. You know, the ones we’ve known for decades were unsustainable? The ones where anyone who even Mentioned even Thinking about doing anything to address the issue was tarred and feathered by the Dems and the leftist media as cold-hearted, racist elitists? (or something similar) That’s all on the Dems.

      There – fixed it!

      And the worst part is, They’re Fine With That! They rant about how capitalism is unfair and leads to pollution, so we need to replace it. And they’re right about the pollution and unfairness, but they completely ignore the fact that Every other system known to man is Worse. So they basically want to behead the golden goose because it poops in the yard, proclaiming how much better off we would be to raise free-range Norwegian rats instead. (because they’re ‘the right fit’! – rolleyes)

  15. Keep in mind that politics is downstream to the culture. Last year we celebrated 500 years since the Reformation. However, we haven’t experienced a true Reformation yet, since there is still too much slavery and sex trafficking (lot is happening in US) around the world. Unfortunately there are too many people that haven’t figured out that the media is fake, nor have they figured out the importance of voting and when they do, they’ve got to get educated on who is the best candidate. Proverbs 9:10 states ” The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Perhaps everyone should started reading their Bibles again! I keep praying for Holy Spirit intervention and a revival of Christianity!

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