Madigan now wants voter fraud legalized

by:  Diane Benjamin

According to this Associated press article, Mike Madigan wants a Constitutional Amendment to make sure Voter ID is NEVER required in Illinois!  An ID is required for almost everything we do today, but protecting voter integrity is suppressing the vote.  Sure Mike.

Madigan’s voting rights amendment advances

By Kerry Lester, Associated Press

Seth Perlman | AP PhotoIllinois Speaker of the House Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, presents a constitutional amendment to protect voters against discrimination during a House committee hearing at the Illinois State Capitol Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in Springfield. The proposal would amend the constitution to provide no person shall be denied the right to register to vote or to cast a ballot in an election based on race, color, ethnicity, status as a member of a language minority, sex, sexual orientation, or income.

SPRINGFIELD — A proposal by Illinois’ powerful House Speaker to thwart future voter suppression efforts advanced in the Legislature on Tuesday, a move that contrasts starkly with recent electoral restrictions put in place by surrounding swing states where Republicans have legislative control.
The proposed amendment to the state constitution, which would appear on the November ballot if it receives a supermajority in both the House and Senate, would bar the Legislature from enacting new laws that would add new requirements in order to vote.

Rep. Michael Madigan, who doubles as Illinois’ Democratic Party Chairman, told committee members Tuesday that the amendment would ensure that no one is denied the right to vote based on their race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or income, and that it “sends a strong message that in Illinois we believe every eligible voter should be treated equally.”

Asked by a Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee about the prevalence of voter suppression efforts, the Chicago Democrat couldn’t cite a recent instance in which it happened in Illinois. Instead, Madigan referred to Republican-backed laws passed in other states that require voters to show voter identification at the polls or shorten early voting periods. He said such measures disproportionately affect minority and low income voters, which are key Democratic voting blocs.

“Our concern is that either today or sometime in the future there could be efforts like those in … other states right here in Illinois,” he said. “Our desire is to provide constitutional protection against action we’ve seen in other states.”

A total of nine states have passed measures placing restrictions on voters in the last year. This winter, Republicans-controlled legislatures in Wisconsin and Ohio adopted measures limiting when polls are open. In North Carolina last August, Republican Governor Pat McCrory signed into law one of the country’s most restrictive voter ID laws, which requires voters to present government-issued photo identification, eliminates same-day voter registration and shortens early voting.

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The amendment is HJRCA52.






One thought on “Madigan now wants voter fraud legalized

  1. This speaks volumes about the corrupt gangster style of Chicago government we face here in Illinois! These left-wing Alinsky Progressive Demoncrat’s do not want to play by the rules of fairness but they know that the ONLY way they can keep their corrupt control of power is through being dishonest. We The People must continue to fight against this wickedness in high places!

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” — Edmund Burke

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