Illinois legalized Mail-in vote fraud


Illinois lawmakers have changed the state’s election laws to explicitly allow county clerks and other election authorities to verify mail-in ballots using a process a judge had ruled was illegal, as it “would be an obvious way to commit ballot fraud.”

Previously, under the law, Illinois lawmakers had required vote counters to ensure mail-in ballots were genuinely cast by eligible registered voters by comparing the signatures on the returned ballots against the voter registration card, signed by the actual voter, and kept on file by the local election authority, whether the county clerk or a city election board.

That requirement made the vote-by-mail verifcation process essentially equivalent to the signature comparison election judges require for those who vote in person.

However, under the changes, county clerks and election officials will now be allowed, or perhaps even directed to compare signatures on mail-in ballots to the signature that had appeared on the application to request a mail-in ballot.

The change to the law specifically deletes language requiring the “election authority” to compare the signature on the mail-in ballot “with the signature on the official registration record card.”

Instead, the law directs the “election authority” to verify whether the ballot is authentic by comparing the ballot to “the applicant’s signature on file with the office of the election authority.”

What this means:

Democrats will flood mailboxes will ballots you didn’t request. Election authorities will then have to weed out the illegal votes or as we’ve seen – count them anyway.

Illinois is is an evil state. No wonder more than 100,000 people again fled Illinois last year. Democrats know they can’t win playing by the rules, they changed them to steal elections. Flooding mailboxes with ballots that weren’t requested proves it. Attempts to void the 2nd Amendment for law-abiding citizens is more proof. Criminals don’t care what gun laws Springfield passed, Chicago will continue to be a shooting gallery.



9 thoughts on “Illinois legalized Mail-in vote fraud

  1. Sadly I’m not surprised. The signature verification in McLean County is not very rigorous at all. The “signature checkers” are discouraged from rejecting any vbm ballots for signature discrepancies. Also, the Democrats have an outsized influence at the Election Judge level, especially at ISU and the Government Center.

  2. Add the absolute failure of the US Post Office over the last couple of years to deliver mail in a timely manner that the allowance of mail in ballots will most likely go on for weeks. And that is if some pieces of mail are delivered at all. In addition the frustration of checks lost to make payments the US Mail is participating in the set up for people to accept digital currency etc. since the mail is so unreliable. Mark my words.

  3. Gee, so this is new? I mean the cheating and evil in Illinois. The leftists run the show. How many states have had a Satanic display in the capitol? How many states tax their working contributors more? How many states have worse roads? How many states have more murders in their largest city? How many states have tighter gun control laws? How many states………are more deplorably managed.

  4. NOTICE: Indiana is officially full of Illinois political migrants. Our border is officially closed. That is all. Thank you

  5. SHITCAGO is having an election for mayor in two months, I believe. If they’re like the idiot democrats in New York, they’ll elect another democrat, perhaps the most worthless mayor in the country – Lightfoot – so they’ll get more of the same and if they do, more power to them and the criminals they love.

  6. PS Sheriff’s representative stated southern Illinois sheriff’s will not enforce the law. If they send some chicago democrats down here to confiscate anything, I’m afraid the softest thing they’ll have around their neck may be piano wire.

      1. State Farm departing in part at least????? Hadn’t heard that. One by one, the one’s that can get out, get out and supposedly fools in shitcago keep overpowering the vote and keeping the same corrupt gov’t in power that destroys everything it touch’s. Bet the do it again in two omnths

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