Next hearing January 20th

By: Diane Benjamin

The Town of Normal looks to have hired yet another law firm to defeat complying with law. Michael Kasper evidently filed something with the court but wasn’t able to attend today.

Enter this guy from a different law firm:

Mr. Guisinger is delaying the next hearing so he can file a motion to dismiss, he requested 7 days. His filings are due on 1/18. Normal’s attorney Brian Day was also present to represent the current Clerk.

I hope taxpayers appreciate the Town using YOUR money to fight being an Incorporated Town.

The next hearing will be IN PERSON at the Law and Justice Center.

January 20th 1:30 Courtroom 5D

Plan to be there!

5 thoughts on “Next hearing January 20th

  1. Normalities should be outraged that the appointed town staff refused to explain to the public and elected officials how they were legally running the incorporated town of Normal without these offices being elected. They are spending huge amounts of our money do whatever it takes so they can keep their cush, good ole boy, jobs. Most of the town staff don’t even live in Normal and wouldn’t qualify for the job if they had to be elected!!!

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    1. there are few , if any , more detached , less informed , apathetic and short sighted voters than those known as Normalites.


  2. How many idiots does it take to change a light bulb in the town of Normal? Or, a better question, how many attorney’s and law firms does it take to represent Koos and Company in court against the citizens of Normal?

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